Tuesday, February 24, 2009


winter retreat 2009. radical.
the weekend proved to be as wonderful and moving as i had expected. i had the opportunity to be a lead worshiper with over 400 people who were honestly and humble seeking after the Lord. i heard the beautiful melodies being sung by precious children of the Lord and saw hearts break across faces in the crowd. i experienced radical change within my own heart. within my own soul the Lord worked and moved in a way i knew He would.

falling now has a new meaning. i am trusting that when i fall into the will and plan of the Lord, He will catch me. that seems so elementary, however when you are actually faced with the trust-fall, will you be ready? i thought i was, and turns out when i turned around to fall, He was there. then the Lord asked me to turn around and face Him. then he asked me to fall back. i know that God wants me to fall back and trust He will catch me, and i do. i truly got to the place that weekend with God that i knew i would fall back into whatever His will has for me. i just don't know what exactly that is.

now i am radically seeking after Him. because when i search for Him with my whole heart, He allows me to find Him.

what else is there going on? because it's been awhile...
uganda meeting went amazingly well. the Lord has brought a truly diverse and strangely connected group together. each has our own strengths and weaknesses brought to the table and we have all become very vulnerable to the Lord's will for us. our lives will never be the same after the trip and i can already see what the Lord is going to do. the precious lives that will be changed and the hearts that will be opened to the remarkable love of the Father. may His light shine.