Tuesday, November 23, 2010

nap time.

yesterday we drove to atlanta to stay with our grandparents for the thanksgiving holiday. the trees are the most beautiful colors this year. so many reds and oranges. it always reminds me of how much i want to get married during this time of year. october actually...

but we just visited yesterday afternoon and evening. i got in a four mile run and emily got in a two hour nap.

i think this is what thanksgiving break is for. we work and work until thanksgiving break. then we sleep for a week in preparation for the week of exams that is coming.

but whenever the weather clears up i will take some pictures of the trees and stuff. it's beautiful.

hope you are enjoying your thanksgiving break!

Monday, November 15, 2010

lunch. date.

every monday at about 1 o'clock i meet with sara for lunch in old foy.

we rarely see anyone we know, therefore it is a wonderful time to catch up and just hang out before the craziness of our week begins. today, sara got her normal chicken breast on wheat sandwich {literally every single time she gets this} and i settled for fruit {wasn't that hungry... } and might i add that the fruit i got was like $6.41. can you say overpriced campus food...?

anyways, we sat in our normal place and ate our lunch and began our talks. about school and how much we love it, about what we're not learning and about what we are, about creepy people {Jesus take the wheel} and about nothing at all.

we laugh a lot on these lunch dates. a whole lot actually. today was no exception.

today we learned we would rock at being guys. sounds a little weird? continue reading....

if i were a boy {i wish i could sing that like beyonce} i would rock at dating. seriously, i {sara and i} have it basically figured out. how hard is it really?

{DISCLAIMER- i am in NO way referring to a guy i {or sara} has ever dated. seriously, the guys who have ever asked us out have done it the right way! we are not talking about them, just all the other ones...}

we would rock. guys need to just ask girls out when they want to. stop acting like it's some big deal.

let's be real.

what is the worst thing that can happen? you get rejected right? well odds are you are either going to marry this girl or break up so there is a chance you're going to get rejected or you're going to reject her in the end, so why not take a chance, she could be your wife.

sara and i were mainly referring to guys we have watched mess things up with girls. just slight frustration. we laughed so hard though. we are sure the guys sitting around us got a great lesson on girls and will take advantage of asking girls out.

photo courtesy xkcd.com

this cartoon just makes me laugh.

Sunday, November 14, 2010


tonight adpi's wonderful m.e.v.p., miss mary katherine reeves, made it possible for us to go see the new movie Morning Glory.

it was amazing. had diane keton, harrison ford, and the notebook's rachel mcadams. an all star cast if you ask me. the movie was wonderful and i would go see it again. i HIGHLY recommend it. not only is it inspiring, it is funny, and has some great life principles.

i normally boycott such things like paying $5.40 for a drink at a movie, but tonight i decided to treat myself. not only with the purchase of something obscenely over priced, but with a beverage i rarely (if ever) enjoy.


yes i drank a carbonated beverage tonight. not only was is carbonated, but it was a LARGE. meaning i took full advantage of the free refills. but i did share with my neighbors.

i will not lie to you, i enjoyed my sprite very much. i normally save the consumption of such beverages on special occasions like a football game and i am dying and water just isn't appealing. or maybe a ginger ale after thanksgiving or christmas with aunt pam. but NEVER just for kicks.

today was different.

and i loved it.

blue stones.

the place to be today was most certainly auburn alabama.

the georgia bulldogs were beat beautifully today by the tigers and i must say, it was the best game i have seen all year.

thanks to some close calls and redneck football players, the 5 hour game (i was in the stadium from about 1:30 to 6:45) was an amazing display of football talent.

it is great to be an auburn tiger.


i always love reading back a year to the day of when i write. it is so refreshing to not only see how your writing has changed, but also how you have grown as a person.

i can honestly say that this semester, I have learned more about myself than i could have ever imagined. school is a different kind of learning. sometimes we just memorize and move on. sometimes we try to use that same tactic to learn about ourselves and about our relationship with our Lord.

however, this is not the way to do things. learning comes from experience. learning comes from exposing things you may not have wanted to expose, or experiencing something undesirable.

this semester has brought challenges and heart ache. lots of loss and lots of tears. but through it all i can stand and shout that my Lord has been faithful. he has continued to reassure that he is leading me through these times and is making me into the woman i am supposed to be.


thanksgiving is so soon. i cannot wait to see my family. i cannot wait to have a long break. and i cannot wait to run this half marathon.

tomorrow is a long day. as in long run day. nervousness is really kicking in about this race. i don't want to embarrass myself.

and i was reminded of my love for dancing thursday night. i was reminded that it is okay to be silly and have a good time. my neck is even sore from all the dipping and twirling. i love dancing. i cannot wait 'til our next function so i can dance.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

au bon pain.

Over the past several weeks i have found that i enjoy spending mornings in the student union. thursday mornings i have breakfast with exec from IJM (International Justice Mission) and i love it. so this morning i decided to wake up early and park it in Au Bon Pain and eat some breakfast, work on some homework, and start my day with intention.

lately i have been lacking in intentionality. i believe we are called to live intentionally, with a purpose, and i have been forgetting that recently.

last night i met with the leadership of our small group at Kelly's house. kelly lives in a really neat house, it's one bed room and one bath but it has the coolest little sun room. we meet every monday night in that sun room. we pray for Oikos, we pray for and over each other. we listen to what the Lord is speaking through us to one another. it really is a fantastic opportunity to share and love on each other.

sunday night i had my Dgroup girls over for dinner. what a blessing these sweet girls are in my life! I have six 10th-grade girls in my group and they are never lacking in laughter, joy, and utter excitement about life and everything that goes along with that.

I love every second of being with them.

I am working on an alphabet project with my camera for something kimmy and i want to do. I will update more on that later. hopefully with new pictures:)

well there is a little update in the life so far.
I am enjoying this weather so much. looking forward to thanksgiving more and more everyday.

Thursday, November 4, 2010


it's been a while.

glad to be back here.

i am watching hitch as i am writing this tonight. it is such a great night. i am all curled up in my trinity sweats (thank you jackson) and blanket. i ate oats and milk for dinner and a couple spoons full of peanut butter. crunchy tonight.

i like movie a whole lot. i've seen it many times, and i love it more and more every time.

i am so thankful for this cold weather. i thought it was never going to come!

jordan lee is in the top five for miss homecoming this week and she is doing such a great job. she is my big sister in adpi and i could not have chosen a better person to represent adpi and auburn.

she is a light. truly. i have learned so much from her. seen her grow in so many ways. i am truly thankful for her and she is one of the reasons i am even an adpi.

well i hope to be more involved with my blog these next few weeks.

OH i am officially running a half marathon. on thanksgiving morning my uncle and i am running the atlanta half marathon. i already registered and everything. i am really excited.

i ran 10 miles sunday afternoon. it wasn't as bad as i expected it would be. i am really excited about it all.

well until next time