Friday, February 3, 2012

roll bounce.

there is this thing called the "elliptical pony tail bounce." girls, you know what this is. you are on the machine, running your little heart out, and you gaze lightly at the mirror [just to check your form right?], and behold, you have the bounce.

your long locks sway perfectly from side to side with each stride. and this girl [me] perfected the bounce yesterday while at the gym. kim and i decided to do a little 30 min super pump at the gym last night at about 9:15. only problem with that is i didn't sleep until about 2 am.

oh well. the body was happy.

LGN body... here we come :) well for kim's sake, not mine yet!

and since i am not going to be able to run tomorrow, i am about to hit the road. after my little coffee this morning.

and i saw this little quote this morning, for your inspiration....

and this is what i look at for inspiration pre-run

she's rockin' the bounce. 

oh and for breakfast now, i eat Coaches Oats. they are an excellent way to get healthy carbs in your diet and fill you up, lower the cholesterol [if you need too] and they are tasteeyyy! they take a little while longer to cook, but add a teaspoon of brown sugar [i use dark brown] and a banana, and your set for a run; carbs, a little sugar and potassium from the banana, and whole grain all in one little bowl.

also, going this weekend to winter retreat with about 575 high school kids. should be quite the experience. third year to go back, and i'm excited about meeting a new little family group to pour into.

oh, and i want this sweater.

Source: via Ashlyn on Pinterest

much love. mb..

Wednesday, February 1, 2012


now that i no longer have an income, i find all these things that i need want. and that's okay. i can have the wants every now and again. i don't normally do anything about them.. just post on here so that any giving soul can lovingly purchase them for me...

well, sorta.

i actually could need these if you think about it. i keep getting my feet wet when it rains. partially my own fault, but also because i don't have these... navy is a good color too. i should probably stay away from green....

these ones... because mine are out dated. and i think my vision has gotten worse since my last eye issues. forgot to mention that... i had an ulcer on my cornea. felt about as bad as it sounds. 

thus far, today has been extremely productive. woke up early, ate my bfast, did my research and writing, did some extra credit... 

post about 

fran visited monday night and had a slumber party [well not really a party, consisted of homework and going to bed]. i miss having her around as much. the girl is going to calif. for 4 months in may. i guess that means someone will have to take a trip to CALI.... 

and i'm off to run in this gorgeous weather. 

so i will leave you with a little inspiration

Source: via Morgan on Pinterest

gotta love good ole Winnie the Pooh.