Wednesday, August 26, 2009

n e w n e s s

n e w place. n e w roommates. n e w classes. n e w friends. n e w alphas.

this year has brought a ton of new stuff; some expected things, some unexpected.

although it's been awhile since i've written, i felt tonight was appropriate. i went to the most amazing thing in the world tonight. ellie and drew holcomb are amazing. they were at town creek tonight and they rocked my world.

i started something else new. cornerstone asked me to start singing there. it's another new leaf, a new adventure. i really enjoy it a ton.

but back to what this newness means for me. a lot of deep thinking. a lot of heart aches. a ton actually. but this is what growing is. growing deeper, growing stronger. where this year will lead me, honestly i have no clue. i am so very excited about it though, i am experiencing a new freedom. so i will continue on, singing.

baby melanie.. youre in my prayers. youre in a better place now. i l o v e y o u