Monday, November 16, 2009

a new "leave"

went on a walk yesterday. it was a long one and it was fantastic. it was a great date with my roommate who i have not seen in ages. none the less even talked to.

so several things happened on this walk. i mean i wish i had a video camera with me. but, unfortunately, i did not. so bare with my descriptions of the events that took place. this is epic.

1. as we were walking up a slight hill on donahue, we spotted two little jogger coming toward us. both female, both running pretty briskly. girl one runs by and about three seconds later girl two scampers on by. as girl two runs by, we realize home slice has her hair down. like and this hair is long and curly. i mean i could totally understand if you had like a bob or something, but like she's running and her hair is down. she was running to be pretty we decided. ended up badly for her, she looked weird.

2. we walk about ten yards and we spot another jogger running down the hill. sara and i both realize the hilarity of the next few moments. you ever seen someone run so funny that you burst into laughter? yeah. this was one of those times. i cannot explain in detail, but sara could probably attest to the joy this brought us both.

3. its appropriate that this is number 3. there were three very annoying guys who decided it would be really really cool to make their car make really obnoxious noise as they drove by, therefore driving us crazy. so for all you guys who think it's bad A to do that, it's not. like not at all.

i mean that is all i can really think of that was so funny about our walk.

lessons for yesterday: do not get the americano from starbucks. do not eat your soup without making sure it is cool.

last night however, i got my nature fix. i am a sucker for things like stars and chewacla. tonight i got the opportunity to go to kisel park to watch a meteor shower. it was truly awesome. it puts you in perspective. although the meteors were not like everywhere, i did see like 7. i enjoyed the conversation and the beauty of creation. great memories. even though my toes froze.

i am really feeling the activities of the last couple of days. i think i may have pushed myself a little too hard. my mouth and jaw are still really sore and i am very fatigued. maybe last night was not the best idea, staying out so incredibly late. i will say it was worth it. for sure it was worth it. . .

Saturday, November 14, 2009

milkshakes and soup

i've never been truly high before until today. currently, i am feeling the effects of the lortab that is now part of my daily routine. no, i am not a junkie, however i did have all four wisdom teeth removed friday morning. they always joke about the way you wake up from anesthesia and have no clue what is going on. it's not a joke. i have absolutely no recollection of the car ride home. all i remember from yesterday afternoon was being woken by my mother every 45 mins to remove the rather nasty stuff from my mouth (i'll spare you the details).

pain was intense last night. not much swelling, but the pain was serious. all i ate from thursday night at about 11:54 to last night was half a strawberry milkshake. honestly, that is all i could open my mouth wide enough to to swallow.

mom is awesome at making soup. she made me three kinds, all equally wonderful. it really makes me happy about thanksgiving and christmas. i am so excited about cooking and stuff with her. i miss it while at school.

annoyances i have come to realize lately:
1. abbreviations
is it really that hard to say the whole word? miserable has turned into mis, perfect- perf, precious- presh, and the list goes on... it annoys me. i have found myself sometimes stooping so low as to say these little abbrevs. however i am trying diligently to rib my vocabulary of these shortenings.

2. taylor swift
i know it is shocking that i would have an aversion to taylor swift. the main reason is probably because she is so well liked by everyone else. no really. i don't like her. she honestly can not sing, or dance. she was pretty funny on SNL. and i also find myself singing her songs and on some occasions enjoying it. but really? entertainer of the year? kill me. just because all the little pre teens love love love her, does not mean she is the best entertainer of the year. whatever. off my soap box.

there are a few things that i have really grown to be obsessed with.
1. powerade zero.
its the most perfect drink i can think of. it's like water that tastes like candy for zero calories. and it has electrolytes and b vitamins. sara thinks i am slightly addicted and i might have been for a while, however i have come off of it for the most part.

2. justin beiber.
yes, i am coming clean. i find this new star so enjoyable to listen to. he really has talent. not to mention he is so cute. i listen to his videos on youtube a lot. slightly embarrassing, indeed. but still, i like the kid a lot. i mean i'd sing with him.

3. nikon d5000.
i'm finally going to get the camera of my dreams. i am an aspiring photographer and cannot wait to hold this treasure in my hands. it is going to be my christmas present from grandmama and papaw. i am beyond elated to receive this gift. get ready, i may even get a flicker site and everyone can look at my pictures.

and so you can tell i am a little bored. my medicine limits me and my mouth hurts too bad not to take it. i have been talking a lot more than i need to. i will probably post again today. i'm sure something funny will happen. until the next post...

Monday, November 9, 2009

wisdom teeth

i had a long conversation the other day with a dear friend about wisdom. where we gain wisdom, how we display it, and how age correlates with wisdom. it was extremely appropriate seeing as i am having wisdom pain currently. but we were standing in the kitchen, discussing wisdom, and it occurred to me that wisdom becomes a characteristic when you display it. if you have wisdom, use it. wisdom is a gift, only given when asked for. one must work to gain it. and once gained, let it be been and shared with others.

and age does have to do with wisdom. over time your wisdom grows. however, if you never ask for it, you will never receive. and that is how a seventy year old man can have little wisdom.
also, watch out for putting feet in your mouth. it can be embarrassing on many different levels. just a little wisdom i picked up from my dearest friend.

recently i have become obsessed with candy corn and peanuts. eaten together. it is perfection.

and now i go a step deeper into my thoughts about my previous topic. holes. so i feel like i am in a revolving door. i keep spinning around this stuff not really getting anywhere. everything keeps coming back without resolve and without an end. i wish someone would stick their foot in the door and stop this spinning. i'm nauseous. tired. annoyed. and oh yeah a little frustrated. and i always thought the revolving doors were fun as a child, but now the repetitive circular happenings in my life are confusing. often times i find them unbearable.

none the less, they are the happenings of my life. i have learned that keeping busy is the best medicine. and to top it all off i am looking forward to being a chipmunk and high this weekend. i get the teeth of wisdom removed this friday. no, there will be no posted pictures and yes you can come to montgomery and visit me. i will probably express my true and deepest feelings about you. i should sell tickets.