Monday, May 31, 2010


i have been messing around on dad's computer this afternoon because it was been less than enjoyable weather today. looking through the photo's brought back some great memories from the past. my family has been so blessed to go on many adventures and trips together over the years.

a couple of my friends from auburn went on their own adventure this summer to jackson hole wyomming to work and live. i am immensely jealous of their opportunity to be in the amazing west and live in the mountains. my favorite.

so i was looking through pictures of my own adventures out west and i found where i wish i was.

then i found some other random pictures on the computer that i had no clue we even had.

this is also where i wish i was this summer. working. this is in silverton, CO. i love it there. we take a train there and it is positively picturesque.

or here...

the chicago "magnificent mile" at night.

all these pictures were taken by my camera or by mom's. so be impressed.

but this is what i have for you today. i just am kinda anxious to get out of montgomery and auburn. kinda ready for a change of scenery for a while. even the beach will be soooo welcome. even if it is just over a couple days.

anyways. more later!

Saturday, May 29, 2010

48 years.

my dad has been alive for 48 years today. that is a really long time. but you would not think he is a day over 40. he is such a great man.

today i want to dedicate this post to him. just because it is his day of birth.

my dad and i are so much alike. we are very close. not like your normal father and daughter combo. we talk about everything. we enjoy doing many things together and i could not be blessed any further than to have this man as my father.

he is such a fantastic husband to my mom. he is a marvelous example of the kind of man i want to spend my life with. my dad is a coach. not only to his students, but to his children. he encourages me in countless ways. honestly, i could not ask for a better encourager than my dad.

he has touched so many people's lives. coach bethea is the greatest. if you play a sport, you want to play for him. he may be strict and have some rules, but he is building warriors for Christ and young people who are living their lives pleasing to the Lord.

so happy birthday dad! you are amazing.

dad and his girls.

but tomorrow is looking like some rain. i am praying that the Lord holds off the rain until tomorrow night. i need sun and the pool. badly.

but i sleepy.

alas i leave you now. goodnight blog world. until tomorrow. . .

Friday, May 28, 2010


i have been successful at neglecting my blog this week. this is inexcusable and i am terribly sorry. i apologized in my last post, but this time i will not let this happen again. now my eager readers can have their meaning for living back. i know it has been rough without me. but never fear. i am still present.

it has been an enjoyable week of school. it is true, summer in auburn is laid back. my two classes are going to be interesting. gosh my world lit teacher, prof. h, is hilarious. honestly one of the craziest women i have ever come into contact with.

prof h walked into the class the first day and exploded into questions. she beckoned to us as her "lovers of learning". she called the females the ladies of grace and virtue and the males she called her chivalric gentlemen. her teaching style is extreme engagement. we are involved in every aspect of the class. i suffer from a sleeping disorder, and i have not come close to being sleepy yet. it is going to be a great class. it's actually pretty interesting.

living in the 36 house has been great. camilla and i have had some very real bonding around the table and the pool. it has been nice to live in a house instead of a tiny dorm. my favorite part is when i can sit on the swing in the front yard and watch the sun set. it is incredibly beautiful and the smells are great. summer trees that bloom, people riding bikes, kids running in the park sprinklers. love it. i want to be a kid again
with kool-aide stain on my mouth, dirty feet and a bathing suit with a bow in my hair.

i have also been slacking with the pictures. gosh i do not know what has gotten into me. i have been busy and trying to stay busy in auburn. i joined this website called and it is extremely helpful. if you are a runner or you are aspiring to become a runner, this will help you. it maps out routes for you and can tell you how far you've run. i had heard about it, but thanks to travis, i finally did it.

well this is a lame blog post. i have a couple great pictures to make up for my lack of this past week.

last weekend hunter graduated. and after graduation there was a great band at the reception. i caught them dancing. and their one year is tomorrow. so happy anniversary to them!

these are the cupcakes mom and i made for emily's birthday. she LOVES sunflowers. so we made these!!

well i have had a busy day. tomorrow mom and i are making lunch for the family to celebrate dad's birthday. he is getting old. expect better pictures.

oh read romans 8 tonight. it is powerful.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010


sorry. i haven't blogged in a couple days. it has been a little busy around the house lately. and i don't have a picture that i took from today because i moved back to auburn this morning.

i am living in the 361 Mafia house on gay street. appropriately named because it is on 361 south gay... so 36 mafia... you get it.

anyways. i am living with some awesome girls and i am looking forward to getting to know them better since they are all graduating or very close to it. they are all very cool people and i am so lucky that i am getting to live here this summer.

my lovely 10 day summer ends tonight. unfortunately. i am comfortable in this house, but it a little weir that i will be starting school in the morning. but i am glad that i will have stuff going on and people to meet. should be a fun summer it hope.

yesterday melanie came over to eat lunch with me. i had really missed her so much. she has always been such a fantastic friend and i love her dearly. she knows me so well and is so eager to hear all about my life and is actually interested in it. she is such a strong woman of faith and such an encourager. i am so glad that she and i are still so close.

well here are a couple pictures from the other day when i was out pooling [which is a new term for laying out//swimming]. enjoy!

i think i am going to head to sleep. i have class in the morning. yay.


well here is a piece of scripture i read today. it's 1 COR. 13:12-

"for now we see in a mirror dimly, but then face to face.
now i know in part; then i shall know fully,
even as if i have known all along."

i love this verse. i had to read it a couple of times, but i think that it is talking about how in the end God is going to reveal things to us that we did not know, and it will be as though we have always known them. i just thought that was awesome and wanted to share.


more on my journey later.


Yours is the kingdom
Yours is the power
Yours is glory
the name above ALL other names

Sunday, May 16, 2010

hello blog world. i am sleepy today and do not have much to blog about so i think i will stick with the photo of the day.

i said that i would talk about my backpack, but it is a funny and drawn out story, and i am not feeling funny, imaginative, or creative right now. i know you are all devastated my dearest three readers. but if you remain faithful, i will do as i have promised.

oh today in church, pastor quoted 1peter 4:8 [one of my favorite verses]. it says that "love covers a multitude of mistakes". i love that verse. it's so true. Jesus' love covers ALL of our mistakes. and our love [in the form of forgiveness] covers the mistakes of others.

just like that a lot.

this is my photo of the day! i did not take it today [sorry], but it is so sassy i had to.


until tomorrow!

you are stronger/
sin is broken/
YOU have saved me/

Saturday, May 15, 2010

know us by our love.

went to troy today with fran to a wedding. sara's sister got married in downtown troy at the first baptist church. it was a beautiful ceremony. wonderful music. great flowers. all the works. i definitely cried a little... not shocking.

sara and her brother sam sang a song during communion. it was positively marvelous. sara and sam did very well, but the lyrics of the song were what got me. not surprising that it was by christy nockels. it talks about our responsibility as christians to love. and that we are to be remembered and known by our love.

it just made me think, am i known for my love? my love and compassion on others? my love for the Lord? my passion for life and learning everything i can about Him? i want to be known for my love. the love of Christ that shines through me.

just a cool thought.

also, speaking of weddings... my cousin chris is engaged!! just found out tonight! so excited for him and his fiance emily. they are such a sweet couple and i cannot wait to see how awesome they will be together for the work of the Lord. oh it is so lovely.

the play was so great that i managed to take over 700 pictures. i went through and picked out 140 or so pictures and put them on facebook. you can look at them there if you'd like. one day... i will have a flicker sight... just not enough time right now.

i got a backpack today. not sure if i have told the story of my stolen backpack on here, but i think that would be a good story for tomorrow. so stay tuned....

here is my picture for today! my sister is so amazingly talented and beautiful. i captured her last night...

well i think i am off to bed.
i have had a semi productive day. and need sleep... naturally.

"we were made for kindness
We can pierce the darkness as
He shines through us...
We will come reaching, with a song of healing...
And they will know us by our

Friday, May 14, 2010


the group met tonight after the play at extapa and it was great to see everyone and remember the old days of high school.

the king and i was fantastic. two nights in a row i enjoyed it both times. ruth and david did exceedingly well casting the roles of the play. i loved it. and i even choked up a couple times. it was incredible. truly.

you can expect pictures sometime this weekend. i took over six hundred pictures the last two nights. so i have some editing and such to go through. i am excited about getting them to the people. they deserve it.

i got some bad news a little while ago. one of my dearest friends had a family member pass away very unexpectedly. it broke my heart. i remember what it feels like to loose someone you are so close and connected to. my heart goes out to their family. and i am reminded of the peace that our Father provides. i could not imagine facing such a massive trial in my life with out the comfort from our Lord. my thoughts go out to you tonight. my heart is with you when i am not.

so here is picture three. . .

i am off to sleep. good night all.

remember that the Lord is the great comforter. His love conquers all. His love never fails. He is bigger than our failures and larger than our accomplishments. God is love. He is peace. He is joy.

awful waffle

i am posting twice in one day. like i said i would [see taylor:)]. but it is going to be short.

the reason i am posting so late is because tonight i went to waffle house with patrick, travis, shelly, and dustin. it was so fun. i did not eat bu
t enjoyed the company and laughter.

i also went to the eastwood spring musical. so phenomenal. truly, it is spectacular. if you live in the gump and you are reading this, you must go see it. tomorrow night at 6 at taylor road baptist church. it's free. and it is amazing.

i took 350 some-odd pictures tonight. ruth (the director) asked me to. it was amazing. but i did not have enough time to up load and edit all the pictures so you will see them later.

but here is the photo of today.


well i am going to go slip into my coma. i am exhausted.


Thursday, May 13, 2010

pleasantly roasted.

i was in too late last night to post anything. so i am making up for it now. and i will post again tonight most likely (yes taylor i will).
yesterday i woke up early and cleaned the house some for mom while she was at school. these last two weeks have been a little crazy around here. the school musical is going on and mom always helps with hair and makeup. she has been working really hard. so any help i can offer is beneficial.

i also went poolside for a couple hours yesterday. it was marvelous. hot, but still perfect. i got some sun no doubt. i went to church at fbc last night to lead worship with jeff and others. and as i walked into the office to see stuart, he exclaimed "wow. you're burned." haha in response i told him i was pleasantly roasted. apparently that was funny. the famous watch tan is almost gone. so i was proud to gain it, and now even more proud to loose it.

after church i took stead to get a milkshake from chick-fil-a and we got there and it was closed. go figure. so we settled for mcdonald's. he is growing like a weed. every time i come home he looks older and is thicker and more muscular. the kid eats his own weight in food daily. and then some. but he is growing up into a young man. he is such a fantastic brother and i am looking forward to seeing him grow in wisdom and in the light of Christ.

last night i hung out with an old friend, and wonderful friend, and some new ones. the apartment was colorful no doubt. and not to mention musical.


there is this boy in auburn who is a photographer and is still in highschool. he is one of the greatest photographers i have seen. you can find him on facebook. he calls his photography fine line photography. look at his 365 project. he is doing a picture a day for the year 2010. it is really neat and a great way for him to build his portfolio. i am thinking about doing the same thing for the summer. so here is a picture for day one.

i was laying by the pool and the sky was incredible so i grabbed my camera and look a couple. this was my favorite.

until later...

"we’ll sing the news of all Your grace
help the broken-hearted praise
You’ll put
Your glory on display
King of Heaven"

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

road trip

mom and i went on a long journey today. we started off at about 8 this morning and drove about three and a half hours to florence alabama to my cousin chris and his sweet wife laura's home. they just welcomed eloise sims bethea into the world on saturday morning. i was so anxious to see her beautiful little addition, we were going to watch dad's golf team play in that state tournament. overall, we spent about 8 hours in the car today. mom and i had a lot of fun visiting with each other, and as always, had great conversation. i really enjoyed seeing dad's golf team play. i have been to two tournaments this year and they have improved greatly from the first one.

not to mention the fact that the course was positively beautiful. i feel in love and mom and i both wanted to move there. it was perfect weather. slight breeze, fluffy clouds, and not very hot. it was honestly perfect. great day for golf.

they did not finish as well as they would have liked, but they played well. they are a young team (mostly 7th and 8th graders) and still have some growing to do. dad's previous team at ma won and had the winner and first runner up for individual play. it was good for dad. he still feels like they are a part of his team. which in a way they are.

but i took some pictures so enjoy:)

i am kinda frustrated because blogger is taking forever to upload pictures. so i am just posting them on facebook. but these four are alright.

but i am going to sleep. my room looks like a bomb went off in here and tomorrow i am going to try to wake up early to do that. but we will see... i was supposed to sleep before 11 tonight... but i got preoccupied with the pictures. go figure.

well goodnight. until tomorrow...

"this is my desire. this is my return. this is my desire. to be used by You."

Monday, May 10, 2010

10 day summer...

today starts the first day of my summer. all ten days of it. on the 20th i begin classes back at auburn. i am looking forward to maybe making some new friends, or hanging out with some old ones. but it is summer time which means...


i cannot wait to be on the sand and smell that sunscreen. i am ready to be tan. i am ready for my hair to lighten up. i want to be a little roasted. honestly.


i packed up the dorm today and cleaned everything. it was pretty sad i am not going to lie. even though i am so glad to finally be out of the dorm life, it was sad to pack up all that stuff. but i managed to stuff my car to the brim all by myself. i think i took the elevator up and down about ten or twelve times. no joke.

it was tough, but i did it! had to have a friend come and get my tv and fan and mirror and a box. i would have had to make two trips or something home if i did not. thank goodness for friends.

also, i am so thankful finals are over! although i am not very proud of my gpa this semester, i am glad that i am just finished. this summer will help to boost my gpa some, but i am notp pleased with my efforts this semester. i will try harder and do better...


tomorrow mom and i are taking a road trip to huntsville and florence! we are going to see new baby eloise bethea and going to watch dad's varsity golf team play in the state tournament. it should be a good time with mom and nice little trip. i love random road trips, and you can imagine a change of scenery will do me good. as will sunlight...

i swear, my vitamin d is ultra low.

and i am so excited to see the baby. it will be so fun to hold her. she was born saturday morning at around 5, and is 9 lbs and 20 inches long! you probably already know, but i am going to take my baby (nikon that is) with us on our journey. it will be documented well.


as i have stated previously in this blog, i am taking the summer to dedicate myself to becoming more like the woman Christ has pictured for me. although we do this ( or at least try) everyday, there are those certain aspects in my life that God is going to break me of. i truly want to seek the Lord's purpose in my life. and live it out.

i will have lots of alone time, and i am looking forward to it in many ways. i am going to try and blog about my journey this summer a little more religiously than i have lately. and i am going to try to take more adventures. i already have one in mind... actually i think i have two in mind. one involving the fire tower. because it hasn't happened this year yet:)


Sunday, May 9, 2010

[insert clever title here]

i am sick of using my intellect. currently i am studying for my last exam. and by currently i mean i am obviously breaking the studying by writing this post. in light of that, i have no brain power to come up with a title for this post, so my apologies for a lack of unsightliness on my part.

today is mothers' day. a day we set aside for out mom's and celebrate who they are and everything that they have done for us. i wanted to give my mom a special shout out especially since i am not able to be home for it today.

i have the greatest mom. every kid says that, but i'd put my mom put against anyone's. she is the most selfless person i have ever known. she gives and gives of herself for other people. she teaches kindergarten, which is a triumph in of itself, and then comes home to take care of the family. she cooks like no other, she sews, she is my hairdresser, she is my confidant, and the one person i know will actually tell me what i need to hear. i am the person i am today because of my parents. but i am growing into a woman of Christ because of the example set by my mom (who has a great mom not to mention).

my mom and i have has countless conversations about religion, theology, doctrine... you name it. she is brilliant, but so humble. she has spurred me on to want to know the Lord deeper, and more intimate, as she does. yet she knows when she fails, she can tell me. and she asks me to forgive her. she is an awesome woman. she talks to me about anything and everything. she listens. she is my best friend. sure she can be silly and goofy, and sometimes just plain ole crazy. but i would never want anything more or less. she is truly a gift to me and my family.

so mom. here's to you. may i one day lead on your legacy and teach my children the way you have taught us. may i live up to your example, as you live up to Christ's. you are the best mom i could even imagine being blessed with. i L O V E you.

i have to now get back to studying. expect another post in the very near future. as in probably tonight.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

taylor's bakery.

today i finished my third exam at around 9. thankfully kristi drove to the exam this morning. i have been awake since about 6 this morning. all this is taking a tole on my body. so many hours this week have been spent studying. honesty, and i guess we say this every semester, i think this is the hardest it's ever been.
on the upside i am finished with human odyssey for ever. i am done with sciences for ever. that is a definite upside.

i am sitting downtown in taylor's bakery. it's a really cute place. right up my ally. sara and i want to open a coffee shop someday. maybe when we're old and retired we'll open one. maybe like cafe louisa in old cloverdale. i would love to do that.

i am sitting at the window right now and i have thoroughly enjoyed not having to study right now and just watch people walking. i was looking out the window and there is a pink elephant sticker on the back of a sign out front.

so i have been working on the project for our apartment next year. it's a book full of pictures i took this year and quotes//funny stories that happened this semester. i am thankful that we have frances in our lives now, because that adds to the laughter and dramatic situations that arise everyday. it's going to be a nice little addition to the apartment. on doubt.

so it's thursday and this week has taken way too long to get where we are. but i have the wants today. and here we go...

1. Eno. i want one of these so bad. like so bad. it will be my next big purchase.

2. these TOMs.

3. yeah... i wont get this... yet

4. i can get this.... i want it badly (big hint mom)

well that is my want list.

travis just came into taylor's!

and did i mention that i can samford from my seat. i love auburn.

and i want to apologize for the poor quality of this blog. i am sure that i will blog again either tonight or tomorrow. happy studying to all!

Saturday, May 1, 2010

that time again.

well it is the beginning of the end of sophomore year. meaning it is exam time! i love exams. especially the studying until all hours of the night. oh and stressing... also a favored aspect of exam week. but sometimes, there are some fun things that happen during exams. occasionally, there are dance parties, or daylight donut runs at 2:30 in the morning ((which would be more like nightlight.... but whatever)). i will be very glad when exams are finished. all the studying will be worth the good grades...
this is how i feel most of the time...


this is going to be a long post i feel. so i apologize if i begin to bore you with my excitingly normal life. always a pleasure, i know.

yesterday was one of the longest days of my life. it was great no doubt, but so long. i woke up, went to classes ((including a presentation and a championship volleyball match)) and then packed up the X and was on my way to the gump. upon arrival, i saw mom and then proceeded to eastwood's spring musical practice. it was just like old times. saw ruth and david and miller all working hard directing the play. goodness i love high school musicals. but the kids looked really good and i am really looking forward to watching them preform.

after play practice i went home, showered and got ready for brittany and mark's engagement party/celebration. it was a great time however i had to leave early. came back to auburn and sang with my two wings at the auburn christian fellowship until about 11:45. some really awesome people came to support me, and it meant so much to see all their faces while i was singing.

but the real meaning for me writing about my day was my drive in montgomery. i was driving in the X with the windows down, listening to a little DMB, and enjoying the green lushness of hilllwood. it made me miss high school. sure college is fantastic and i enjoy just about every moment, but there is so much about high school that i wish i still had.

there is a smell that is in the air this time of the year in montgomery. it is the smell of summer. the smell of freshly cut grass, our blooming jasmin bush at the back gate, the humid sticky breeze. all the smells bring back memories. bring back old feelings. i miss the simplicity of high school; of middle school; of my childhood.

i am thankful where i am. i am thankful for auburn. college. my friends. old and new. i am looking forward to memories. but sometimes it is nice to remember the ones we thought we lost.


i talked on here about pandora and how i love it. well today amidst studying pandora picked a song i had not heard in a long time. it is written by a band called starfield. but the song really personifies my heart. here are the lyrics...

There's a cry in my heart
For Your glory to fall
For Your presence to fill up my senses
There's a yearning again
A thirst for discipline
A hunger for things that are deeper

Could You take me beyond?
Could You carry me through?
If I open my heart?
Could I go there with You?
(For I've been here before
But I know there's still more
Oh, Lord, I need to know You)

For what do I have
If I don't have You, Jesus?
What in this life
Could mean any more?
You are my rock
You are my glory
You are the lifter
Of my head
Lifter of this head

i am just really in love with those words...

a cry in my heart.. for Your glory to fall.

that is exactly where i am currently.