Friday, December 26, 2008

the ransomed heart

just got this devotion called the ransomed heart. i read the first one tonight and it was beautiful. it talked about our lives being a story. and they truly are.

these were my thoughts..

our lives are our story to God. and what we do in that story, how we live our lives and what we do for Him in His name, is how we glorify Him. our story is our worship, because, after all, worship is our response to God, for who He is and what He has done for us. so when we say that we are not good at telling stories, we lie, because WE are a story. we are the actors in this story that God, in His perfect will, has placed and written for us. really, how cool is that?

so cool.

Saturday, December 20, 2008


it is amazing how a group of friends, no matter how long they have been apart, can come together again and go right back to where they left off. tonight was remarkable and memorable for sure. our laughter filled the rooms and vacant corners of my house and reminded me of the love and joy that comes with friendship. i believe that the Lord gives us fellowship and friendship in order to further reveal himself to us. what a blessing friendship is and what a gift from Him.

as Christmas comes closer everyday, i am reminded of a simple thing: giving. today while at the store with emily, i found myself almost jumping around looking for the things to get my dad and brother. but why? is it the gifts, or the things? no, it is the fact that giving reminded me of what Jesus did. so much giving in the life of Christ, so much selflessness. God gave us Christ, Christ gave us life, eternal life, and they gave us the Holy Spirit, who counsels us and bestows wisdom upon us. the Christmas time is not only a celebration of His birth, but of His whole entire life on earth; from the birth to the resurrection. He is the gift that keeps on giving.

so remember the blessings and the gifts he gave and gives us. not only material things, but eternal things.

oh come and see this child; called the son of God! come and see him; share his love.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

fake trees

we have a fake tree this year. it kinda makes me sad, however mom made up for it with an awesome wreath that smells just like the real thing.

sometimes things change really quick and sometimes it is scary. but i mean like i really enjoy change and the things that come with it.

it is my favorite time of year and i am so looking forward to seeing everyone tomorrow at the school. my friends here are truly my best friends. i come back and it is as though i never left. i love them.

well until next time.

my God reigns. end of story.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

study breaks

i love breaks. thanksgiving break, christmas break, summer break, study breaks... they are amazing times in my life. and the last break on that list is what i am doing right now. so it's awesome.

i love my new friends and the laughter that we share. i have loved that the most about college. there are so many opportunities to meet people and build new relationships. it is just another reminder that God is so much bigger and has so many more things prepared for you in your life, than you could ever ever imagine.

my sweet family came up to eat with me last night. that was one heck of a study break. it was so nice to have them close and to share with them. i know i am coming home soon, but this made me want to be there even more than the past few days. i have two exams tomorrow, so it is important that i study.

the Lord is so good to me. really He is. i went to cornerstone today to turn in the application and deposit for the uganda trip this summer. i got really interested in the location of where i was going to be in uganda, so during a break, i got on my mac and began the search. then i found my little town of Buloba, which is right outside of Kampala. I have never been more excited than on monday night at encounter.
we were singing a song about the heavens and the light. marvelous light i believe was the song. i closed my eyes and pictured night time in buloba; darkness, quiet. it made me think of when God created the world, at first there was nothing but space and darkness. then God spoke out and there was LIGHT. and one day he sent the light in human form to us. then we got to hold the light in us. now, i am that same LIGHT to bulova, that dark little village in the middle of africa.
that picture has been in the forefront of my mind for this week. i can do little if anything to study and not think about africa.

hold on, oh nation, the LIGHT is coming.

oh come all ye faithful
joyful and triumphant
oh come ye oh come ye to Bethlehem
come and behold him, born the king of angles
oh come let us adore him
oh come let us adore him
oh come let us adore him, CHRIST THE LORD

Thursday, December 4, 2008

final examination

so it is finals time here in auburn. seasonal affect disorder is setting in to many students on campus. it happens this time of year.

christmas break is closer and closer everyday. thankful am i for that.

seeing that the "giving" season is coming and is here, i was thinking about the many things we want in life. material things seem to be on the minds of most people during this time of year, which saddens my heart. but that is what the culture puts on us. but i remember the really awesome organizations like TOMS who give shoes to barefooted people living in Ethiopia for every pair of shoes you buy from them. how cool? i am thankful for those places, giving back to the world.

well back to studying... Lord willing i will do well.

christmas song for today:

o holy night's direct translation from original french:

midnight, christians, it is the solemn hour
when God as man descended among us
to purge the stain of original sin
and put an end to the wrath of his Father
the entire world thrills with hope
on this night which gives us a savior
people, on your knees, attend your deliverance
christmas, christmas, here is the redeemer!
christmas! christmas! here is the redeemer

this is the most beautiful version ever...

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

the count down begins

24 days until christmas. 15 days until first semester is over. things are spectacular here on the plains.

mary evelyn and i decorated the dorm today. after seeing turtle (william's new puppy), and the boy's house all lit up, we went to dollar general and did some damage. lights and a baby baby tree, and a 'let it snow' wreathe, now occupy our dorm and dorm door. our door has amazingly hand crafted merry christmas sign and tree. seriously though, they are awesome.

listening to the elf soundtrack made us so excited about these next few weeks.

christmas song for the day:

hark the herald angles sing, glory to the new born king
peace on earth and mercy mild, God and sinner's reconciled
joy for all ye nations bright, join the triumph of the skies
with angelic hosts proclaim, Christ is born is bethleham