Friday, February 25, 2011


ella and i took some one year pictures the other day, and i was uploading them and thought about how much fun we had friday morning.

we jammed during breakfast. i had brought my computer to study for a test, and decided to play some music for miss Ella while she ate b'fast. the sweet child is a lot like me, she enjoys her good music. for example, we started with a little Allman Bros, which she enjoyed. i could tell by the kicking and clapping from her high chair.

we listened to a variety including Van Morrison, a little DMB, some Earth, Wind, and Fire (classic for dancing), and whatever else she was feeling.

it was fun. i felt like exposing her to quality before she gets too old and is blinded by pop culture "good" music [justin bieber anyone??]

she really loves her new toys she got for her birthday. this one makes ALL sorts of pleasant noises... :)

speaking of music...
my two wings had a show friday night. we did it really bluegrass-ey without drums. it was probably one of the better shows we've done. mainly because you could hear everything really well and tyler, jon, and i sang some sweet harmony.

here is a little bit of what we look like ....

good friends i have not seen in a long time visited and came to hear us. it made for a memorable night.


already conquered one test and one blog assignment this week. another massive test today. and i have a few things on the plate i need to finish this week, in preparation for the fun of next week....

but spring break is just around the corner.... this year for spring break 2011 i am SNOW bound to Vermont. more on that later....

Thursday, February 24, 2011


good morning! as of right now, 6:20 a.m., i've been awake for an hour. every morning i wake up at either 5:20 or 5:40, depending on the day, and begin. i like to go to the workout room and do the machines. but i rarely find an opportunity to do so during the afternoon. so morning has become my friend.

i enjoy this time, it's separate from anyone else. believe me, it is hard to fine another college student in Auburn who is exciting about getting up this early every morning.

but i find when i begin my day with ease and with quite, the rest of my day follows. i have time to make breakfast, eat it, shower, workout, get my stuff together, blog occasionally [ha, first time] and begin my morning with the Lord. [obviously not in that order]

but i love it. i am turning into a mom though. i was in bed at 8:45 p.m and was asleep by 10 o'clock, only after reading and doing some homework. whatever. i am happy and am finding so much from these early mornings.

this is one of my favorite mornings. it was one of our last days in africa. we were in jinja and i have never seen such beauty like this. i have been to canyons and mountains and i have seen beautiful mornings, sure. but something about this african morning always brings joy to my heart. but also sadness. i miss africa greatly. i am praying the Lord will make a way for me to get back over there.

but these early mornings remind me of africa. i always woke up first. the cool air still floating through the windows, and the tropical birds chirping softly were always the best alarm. the cold tile on the bottom of my feet felt rejuvenating. the cold shower was nice, because it was steamy all day in the sun. i miss those mornings.

but now i am off to breakfast in my little kitchen. also, please pray for Kimmy, she went back to the doctor and they put her on an IV last night. pray that her strength will be restored and that her body will fight back against the pneumonia.

the Lord is the healer, the only good doctor, so i confidently remind you to pray for her. thank you.

good morning blog world, hope your day if filled with grace.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

slowin' down.

tonight i decided to take a couple minutes to chill. just sit down and be still. since last saturday i have been a busy chick running around and being productive.

after a sunday of singing praises at cornerstone, which, by the way, was the absolute greatest sunday i have had in a long time, my week began.

from three projects, a test, dgroup, nannying, reading, a paper, and the schedule i like to keep, i was one busy girl. Not to mention farmhouse formal was this weekend, meaning preparations for that had to be done as well. which were not much, but involved laundry and packing, which for girls, can be quite a job.

formal was great and i have some fun pictures to share!

we had lots of fun on the riverboat...General Jackson or something like that. i really liked, no LOVED nashville. i would love to get to visit again sometime very soon! it wasn't a bad drive. and my roommates were there, which made it all the more better.
sweet kimmy has been sick with progressive pneumonia...which is terrible. we have been trying to keep her medicated and taken care of as much as possible. we don't want to see her end up in the hospital like she did when she was in high school. so if you think about miss kimmy, pray for her healing.


for winter retreat this year, sara and i decided it would be a great idea to buy a lot of candy for our family groups, however, the left-overs are ridiculous. we have a massive bowl that sits nicely on the kitchen table and entertains all who enter our door. one, because there are laffy taffty jokes...and we all know how i feel about those... remember that post? find it HERE!
but now the apartment is full of NERDs and SMARTIES! why? because that is exactly what we are....



also, when my sister went to NYC on a dance trip, look what she got me!

she is the best sister in the whole world. seriously. the WHOLE world. i am so thankful she will be here in a few's crazy to think about.

well friends. until next time.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

playing ketchup.

[[not actual ketchup mind you]]

well i cannot believe i have neglected you readers of my life for this long...

that is sad and ridiculous. but here i am, so i am sorry for the long season of silence. i know you've missed me.

this weekend i had the joy of created Ella's birthday cupcake-cake. i went home to hang out with the family and do somethings and made the cupcakes saturday morning.
Ella's mom asked me to make them and obviously, if you know about my baking obsession, you know i jumped at the opportunity.

Ella LOVED them. I have never seen a child literally suck a cupcake down as quickly as she did. she had a two hand grab on the cake and shoved it down her tiny throat.

it was such a sweet time as Ella is turning 1! Her parent's love for her is so evident. I only hope i can one day be like that...


among other things, this week is going to be CRAZY. lots of school, lots of sunshine, and lots of fun mixed all together. sometimes i wish there were about 4 more hours of sunlight during the day. i wake up early [as in 5:20] and then i work, then class, then whatever else the day brings. but i love this routine i am in.

i really love being this busy. I have things to work on and for.


i got to hang out with my amazing Dgroup girls this past weekend at Shocco Springs in 'Dega. It was AUMC Winter Retreat. I had the pleasure of leading a small group with some of the COOLEST kids in Auburn.
My 9 kids were from different grades at Auburn jr. high and high school and i was so impressed by their hearts for the Lord and everything they want to do with the blessings Christ has given them.

I learned more that weekend then I have in a long time. It was a great time with the Lord and pouring into kids of my community.


Kelsey came and visited me in Au a few weekend ago. It was so much fun and she is the best bama student i know. she came with me to the BCS Celebration, and endured the cold and "WAR EAGLE"s that were shouted in her ears. she was a trooper and i love her more than she ever will know. she is my sister.

oh yeah. and we ARE the CHAMPIONS.


I think i have not blogged in so long because i have been lacking in creativity. i have not been taking pictures. i have not been writing in journals of various subjects....all because of PR.

I have been blogging, interviewing, coming up with leads, shooting pictures, and traveling for my stories so much lately i have wasted all my creative energy on school.

but i guess that is not truly wasting.

but thanks to a wonderful random run-in with a friend [wink wink] i remembered there is a reason i blog.

i am thinking about posting a favorite things coming up soon. or baking something fun! we will see.

well i have to go write.