Thursday, April 29, 2010


twenty years ago today frances was born. we began our day of celebrating fran's life by making signs and putting them in her room. i hung a banner. it was cute; just like fran. we decided to celebrate further by a lunch date at the village. so exciting. no doubt.

tonight some sweet friends met at logans steakhouse to eat to continue celebrating her birth. i had my two wings practice and could not attend unfortunately. however, mrs. amy made the most amazing red velvet cupcakes i have ever had. honestly, the best. i ate three. oh mistake.

we realized i am a cake person. more the icing than even the cake. i love ice cream too though. i could eat buckets of it. you could say that birthday parties are my favorite. give me cake and ice cream and i will be a happy camper.


i am having a weird day today. just kinda busy and weird. i am realizing that my sophomore year is over. i am half way completed with my college career ((hopefully)). i have loved so much of this year. so many things have happened. i have done a lot of things and been some places. the Lord has shown me so much this year. He has shown me how to love, a glimpse of what i am supposed to be.

i've been very contemplative the last two days. i guess nostalgic would be the best word. i am going to miss the stuff of this year. my roommates. the funny stories. the weird experiences. but i am also looking forward to what the Lord is bringing me. this summer is going to be a growing experience.

there is alot on my heart. i am kinda uninspiring today.

if i had anything to say tonight it would be that you honestly do not know what tomorrow will bring. therefore, there is no excuse not to live totally sold out to the Lord. He is the ONLY thing that is consistent in our lives. He is the ONLY one who will never fail you; never quit you; never leave you. He is the ONLY one who will hold you when you have been nasty, ugly, rude, and hated Him. my God is so powerful. so intoxicating. so remarkable. we have NO excuse but to love. and live a life of Love for Him.

the end.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010



you know i do not really love mainstream music. the music that everyone always listens to. but tonight i had the iPod on shuffle as i was studying and coldplay came on. i do enjoy them a lot. i forgot about them a little.

today was uncharacteristically chilly. but it was still beautiful out. wore jeans for the first time in a long time. and i hate jeans. oh my watch tan is getting good. seriously i might even post a picture of it or something. soon i will have to just stop wearing it when i go out in the sun. it could get ridiculous.

i am proud to say that i have seen my fair share of weird and altogether unnecessary things on auburn's campus. i mean lots of weird things. but monday i can say that i saw the strangest thing by far. i was minding my own business on the walk from my dorm across the street to the student act when i began to hear this strange clanging noise coming from up ahead. did not really phase me because there is construction and other sorts of things going on a lot of the time around the dorm. but i proceeded further a few steps when the noise was closer and did not seem logical for the given area. when i looked up i saw a very petite girl wearing a bright blue and gold belly dancing outfit.

did you catch that?

belly dancing outfit.

yes. it was blue and gold. it had tassels. it had little gold metal fringe that made lots of noise in the harsh winds. it was so strange. i definitely starred at the girl and i am sure my facial expression was not very pleasant, but i mean let's be real, it was weird.


i have to apologize to my three readers for not writing in the last couple of days. i have been a little busy and not as inspired as i would have liked. but none the less, here i am. i know you have missed me:)

everyday the Lord shows me something new about myself. and what he wants to do in my life. and he has shown me today that i love spending time in his word. Its addicting. and i love and get so much out of it. He is restoring my joy in his presence and in his words. they come back to me quicker now, and stronger. there is something so powerful about spending quality time with Him, alone, in solitude. it's a conversation and he shows you new things when you do.

dgroup was awesome tonight. really it was so encouraging. my girls have such a heart after God. they want to share Him with their classmates and show Him to people they don't know. it's almost like they are my children and i feel so proud that they are taking such huge initiative to do such radical things for Jesus' name. it was good.

well. sleep is calling me.

until tomorrow.

OHH and today i was bored and looked up pictures of "sunshine" on google (i know i have no life) and this came up.....

i love this movie. it is seriously funny. and ironic.

Thursday, April 22, 2010


i am not too inspired today. but i have not been able to sleep lately so i am awake. and blogging.

today i went to the arboretum (sp?) and drank my smoothie from smoothie king with one of my precious dgroup girls. we were sitting there in this beautiful shaded area and we were just chatting about life and what is going on in junior high school. and i felt like a big sister. or someone important in her life because she wanted to hang out with me. i do not consider myself to be someone interesting or worthy of such a special time, but it just made my week.

my little brother even texted me today. i have the greatest little brother in the world. he is 15 and he is so much bigger than me. like so much. i remember when he was a little thing all blonde and chubby in the face. he would say "babatized" and "meange" instead of baptized and mean. then one summer i came home from choir tour and he was old. he has a deep voice, slender, grown up face and like girls are obsessed with him. i miss my bubba. whenever i go home we always spend quality time together. this summer will be sad without him there. his text seriously made my day...

i am really excited about church on sunday. this weeks music is going to be amazing. we're doing a lot of passion stuff, but it is going to be awesome. it really pumps me up when such an awesome group of musicians get together to worship the Lord in a powerful way as we do together.


i am so ready. the Lord is preparing my thirsty heart for something great. He is calling me to something different than what i think i am ready for. i am having faith. pressing on.

tonight i went running with a friend and she has seriously long legs. i was having to double time. but it was great. we ran about three i believe. i am trying to get back into shape so i can start training again...

but we were running and talking and something came to mind. i am not a fan of inconsistency. i want to be consistent. always there like i say i am. not let situations stand in between me and my dearest friends. i want to be steady and firm. not easily swayed. consistent. i guess right now i am reminded that i need to always be working toward peace between me and my sisters and brothers in Christ. the Bible tells us that in every circumstance, and with EVERY effort, we should live in peace with others. because it shows love.

i guess that is why i apologize so much. i guess that is why i cannot stand when someone is upset with me, or not on good terms. it makes me sad. truly sad. i understand when people are frustrated with me or annoyed, that is understandable. but if i have done something, it makes me feel awful. oh i know this happens to everyone. but i think it is important to talk about it. just something we discussed tonight.


i know this is a boring blog post. and i am lacking on pictures. so, sorry. but i do love phil wickham's voice. it is beautiful. and i like his music. in general.

hope you enjoyed my awesome blog. tomorrow will probably be more inspired.

Monday, April 19, 2010

war eagle captain kirk.

tonight i had the marvelous opportunity to walk where greatness walks. to lie in the grass that so many faithful and strong men have fought. i could feel the sweat, the excitement, and the nerves, as i stepped into the glorious arena. chills ran over my body as i gazed across the playing field. so this is what it feels like. this is where legends are born. oh jordan-hare. how beautiful you are.
i watched star trek in the stadium tonight. it was freezing. my thin pale blue blanket did not do too much for me on the damp, cold grass. it was a beautiful evening and the movie wasn't half bad. i had the wonderful company of close friends (who should have been closer because body heat helps in times of possible frost bite). altogether, an a plus night.

i will confess. i cried in the movie. not like sobs or big tears by any means, but a slight leak from the eyes. the first five minutes of the movie are terrible. just fyi. i also had the quote of the night. apparently i am funny? because at the end of the movie, there was a great scene and captain kirk was just preciously being awarded a metal and i shouted "WAR EAGLE CAPTAIN KIRK" and i guess my friend travis thought that was funny. because he laughed at me.


two things that bother me. excessive PDA and being late. i have seen more PDA in the village dining area this semester than is necessary by any stretch of the imagination. and i cannot stand being late to things. however, i am notoriously late for band practice and no matter how early i leave i always end up being a minute late. it's frustrating. just thought i would share....


also, sunday afternoon a group of girls went to sips and strokes to paint. the abstract art that i ended up with will be featured as a main piece on display in the apartment next year. get excited. it's pretty terrible. nonetheless, the adventure was very fun and well worth the $25. if you have never been, you should go.

today i spent about an hour just reading the word. i wanted to find something i had never read before. something all new about my God that would just reinvent my attitude and spirit. i was reading in habakkuk and then i moved to 1 peter and then back to isaiah and ezekiel. but the Lord showed me something in isaiah chapter 40. it says...

the lord your god is an everlasting god, the creator the the ends of the earth
he does not faint or grow weary; his understanding is
u n s e a r c h a b l e.
he gives power to the faint, and to him who has no might he increases strength.

i just really enjoyed that scripture. it was exactly what i needed to hear from my Father today. he is leading me to make a change in my everyday life. stepping away and fully focusing on him and what his will for me is. it's going to be hard but i know that he has something great planned for me. i am choosing positivity. choosing to accept the gift.

and sorry scott... no clip art tonight:)

Sunday, April 18, 2010

the suffering elephant.

one of the greatest questions involving Christianity is about suffering. we are in the middle of a series called "8 pink elephants" where we are studying about the things the church does not always address front on.

today we talked about the suffering elephant. the question is this, how can there be so much evil in this world, if we have such a good God? the church has a hard time discussing the matter because people hurt. there is evil in our world. we see it daily. but we also have a good God. but how does that work?

God exists. God is all good. God is all powerful. and. there is evil in the world.

evil is the absence of good. the standard of good? look in the Bible. but we mere men cannot see why there is evil. how many times do we ask why?

read in psalms.

10:1- why oh Lord do you stand far away? why do you hide yourself in times of trouble?

42:9- i say to my God : why have you forgotten me? why do i go mourning because of the oppression of my enemy?

can you feel the weight of david's plea? can you relate to his words? but here is the catch and THIS is what gets me...

if we do not want to hear the response, we will ask the questions forever.
we have to be open and ready to hear the ANSWER.

the Father tells us... "ask and it will be given to you". just read job, or habakkuk. there was struggle. there was pain. there were tears, and gnashing of teeth. things we will never face. God will answer why. we have to be ready to hear it.

there is a reason that God permits evil. and i hope you are ready for this because it is heavy.

for us to have value. worth. a purpose.
we have to have to choose love. we need to be able to choose Him on our own. taking away evil, takes away choice. we would only be able to have Him, and He wants us to CHOOSE HIM. just because God is all powerful, does not mean he uses all His power.

we come to God for emotional reasons. not a real explanation. we need a "hug" from God. Him to pull us into His lap and stroke our hair, kiss our cheek. not lay out every single step of why and how we are hurting. we just want to know I T W I L L B E O K A Y . what can we do though to help ease the pain and suffering?


J E S U S.

HE endured the problem with us.
the creatOR became the CREATION. unheard of.
why? because he wanted us. the met us where we were {romans 8:28}.
everything will be dealt with. everything is dealt with. i quote my savior when i say "it is finished". suffering is. pain is.

this song now radiates through my soul.

you are STRONGER. you are STRONGER. sin is BROKEN. you have SAVED me. it is written. CHRIST IS RISEN. Jesus you, are LORD OF ALL!!!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

i believe in auburn.

tonight we went to samford lawn to drink my frosty. i had had an auburn filled day including the A day game, traffic, parking issues, and niffer's. it was a hot day. terribly hot. but none the less semi-enjoyable. mainly because emily and hunter came and went to the game with me. [it made me very excited for football season. honestly, never been more excited. i have missed it]

after a two hour nap and the end of remember the titans, i decided to venture to wendy's for a frosty. sara wanted sugar cookies from walmart. and tmac wanted cheesecake, but settled for gobstoppers and a sprite.

i have this nikon and so i decided i wanted to put it to use. hence the pictures above. just shows how beautiful auburn really is. sitting on the lawn listening to the laughter of other lawn-goers, band parties in the distance, sara munching on her smart pop. seeing people racing to take the coveted picture in front of the auburn university sign, auburn t-shirts, "war eagle"s said in passing. gosh. can it get any better?

auburn is a blessing. God has given me such a marvelous opportunity to go to school here.

i believe in auburn and LOVE it.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

enter with caution.

there are signs places that let you know when you need to be on the lookout. signs that tell you to "watch your step" or "mind the gap" or "proceed with caution". well tonight, i am asking you to do so before you read the rest of this post. for a couple reasons. 1. because it's long. 2. because this is my heart. i am being very vulnerable right now so really. enter with caution.

i have been wrestling with God.
well not really wrestling, i guess you could say God is teaching me how to work. work things out. teaching me how to make things in this life work. and work for HIS glory. i want to know things, and God keeps telling me to chill out and wait for Him to move.

i am desiring to know what a godly woman looks like. i am searching the word, and talking to God about it. "what is a virtuous woman? who can find her? she is more precious than rubies". awesome. that means she is hard to find.

virtuous- a strong woman, with efficiency and ability. strength in character. she is God fearing.

Ruth 3:11- everyone knew her for her virtue! she is a woman people look to as an example. she is a quite spirit, she is a leader. she is an encourager.

this is the woman i want to be. the woman that the Lord wants me to be. my heart is under construction, always being worked upon by our God.

sometimes, i want to know what God is doing and why.
actually i want to know this kinda of thing a lot. i want Him to just reveal it all to me or at least give me a glimpse as to clear my mind. but He is not going to do that...

these past couple days have been hard ones for me. i have had a good deal of free time, which is never good. this means i have time to think and ponder the things in my life, the struggles i am going through.... you know. i have had a lot of questions for God.

as i was preparing for bed tonight it was like God just gave me a little tap on the shoulder. He looked at me through my own eyes and said to me...

"morgan, why do you ask me so many questions? why do you feel the need to question who I AM? i would never give you anything you could not handle. I LOVE YOU. you are my child. i would never, never hurt you. please, just let me hold you. stop pushing. and HAVE FAITH."

i kinda got teary eyed as i heard my Father say these things to me. He was asking me to just let go. move on. just trust HIM.
solely HIM.

i want to be a virtuous woman. i want to be desired because i am. it is a step by step process. one step at a time.
i want to love.
in the truest sense of the word. love like God loves. it is the basis of everything. the basis of why my God created me. out of LOVE. i just want to show that love.

now i kinda feel like i am rambling. but you see my heart. i am desperate for the Lord to show me His face. i only desire to learn more about Him. He has given me this time to do that. and i keep taking it for granted.

i am thankful for this time in my life.
i am choosing to look to whatever God wants for me.
no matter what that means.

i am a child on a path. running to what my Father has for me. with OPEN ARMS.

my prayer for you is that the Lord will show you His face. that you will also step out on a marvelous journey with Him. He wants you to go with Him. something truly amazing awaits.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

madi mapes.

i have this friend. he gave me this burned CD. this CD has been played non stop on my iPod, computer, and inside my car since it was given to me. it consists of my new favorite female artist. her name is madi mapes. she sings at church of brook hills in birmingham. slay really liked her and introduced me. so props to slay.

one of my favorite things is new music.

i have a watch tan. and i am seemingly more and more proud of it every single day. because it gets better with more sun, and proves that i am able to tan, contrary to popular belief (see formal pictures). but i did change arms that i wear my watch on, just for today. it feels awkward.

i think that the Lord is really teaching me to be more positive. i cannot stand negativity, and i think because of that, i have realized more when i am negative. i am trying to be completely optimistic and positive in every situation handed to me. it honestly will make you happier. it's real joy.

remember how i said i was writing songs again. well i have never had someone be about to write music with my words. it is one of the most intriguing experiences ever. it is like your heart has a voice, and a pretty one at that. your heart beats have a tempo, your aches have harmony, and your joys have fluidity. it makes you feel beautiful.

anyways. mom and dad are coming up to eat dinner tomorrow night. and i think mom is going to cut my hair. thankfully. i think it is time for it to be a little shorter. and i think i will like it a tad shorter.

well i am sleepy. off to dream land (no, not the bbq joint).

" you are the clay and i am the potter. you are carrying my fingerprints" - God

Friday, April 9, 2010



two posts in one day....

well actually it is technically the next day but i mean who's counting? that's right... no one [because i think three people still read my blog]

just wanted to pop back on here really fast because tonight, i annoyed myself. i did not think it could happen but i did it. i achieved the seemingly impossible.

do you ever sit there after you've done/ said something and thought to yourself "congrats self: you have officially become retarded" (pardon the lack for better word choice).

so, seeing that it is too late for anyone in their right mind to be awake, you in blogger land get to hear my frustration with... myself. i am an annoying person. i think i drive away the people i don't want to. sometimes i wish i had no emotions. i am a generally laid back and easy going "free spirit", if you will. however, tonight, in a slight out of my mind moment decided it would be best to have "honest time". mistake #1. then i said too much... i think you call that rambling? yea that was mistake #2.

and now i am annoyed. with myself. which, ironically, is annoying.

further more i cannot sleep.

oh well. so is life. not to worry, i will be back to my normal not caring self in about 6 hours. when i wake up. goodnight!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

grape and banana.

i really like the jokes on the laffy taffy. it's the only reason i get it. they make me so excited. and i genuinely laugh at most of them.

//lets just be real//

since we are being real, i hate mtv. just saying.

also, since we're being real, i have been pumped about what the Lord is doing in my life. pumped about what the Lord is doing in other people's lives. just excited about the Lord in general. i am trying to live with the cross centered in my mind. as in always remembering in every circumstance that the Lord is on my side, that He loves me, and that He is amazing.

my uncle had heart surgery on tuesday morning and is doing well. praise the Lord!! we went to his home on monday night in atlanta to pray over him and offer encouragement to my aunt and their children. i was reminded that God is the greatest physician. that He is the HEALER. that we do not need medicine. we prayed and asked the Lord that He would show off in my uncle's surgery. we prayed healing on his body, through supernatural or through His hand moving in the doctors. it was a beautiful thing having the family come together and pray over him.

the Lord is good. the sickness in my uncle's heart was not of the Lord, for it was not good. we rebuked that illness and the Lord blessed our prayers. our Father is a good Father, He is a good dad. He takes care of His children. and He kept His hands wrapped around my uncle. i am so thankful for such a good God.


i'm trying to write songs again. prayerfully attempting to put the thoughts of my heart onto paper. it is intimidating and slightly unnerving to allow my heart to be so vulnerable. however, i am confident that there are situations that i go through, that others do as well. this being said, i know the matters that weigh on my heart, weigh on others. and because of that, the words that spill from my heart may touch other's hearts as well. i am attempting. the process will be slow. hopefully promising.

Sunday, April 4, 2010


friday i tried to drive home in silence. it was kinda hard. i normally don't like to drive in complete silence. but it was nice. i had my thoughts to myself. i had some time to spend alone with my Jesus. talking to Him about what friday meant. good friday.

thursday i spent a whole lot of time awake. a whole lot of time in the creation of my Father. Mk and i went to chewacla. it was so amazing. what wonder and what beauty i encountered. kinda felt like a hippie, but i am a junkie for creation. for the other things that God has given us to enjoy. the things that we cannot make. the things that we cannot create. just God.

i am listening to a sermon by matt chandler who is that pastor at the village church in houston tx. it is called sanctification in marriage. it's reall beautiful. although i am not neccessarily in the exact place for marriage, this sermon is really good to hear. i would recommend it to anyone. single, or married. listen to it and learn something.

easter weekend was very productive. and a very good time with the family. today i have been studying biology... no fun. but i have decided that having a negative attitude isn't going to make it go away. simple, yet hard to remember. but i have been really pumped up about the gospel lately. sure, i am always happy and excited about Jesus, but easter just really pumped me up this year.

the roommates went to town creek park thursday night to pray and prepare our hearts for easter weekend. it was really neat to be alone and soak up the Spirit and converse with Jesus. as we left the car was silent, and i just bursted out. i was consumed with the fact that Christ had conquered death. we always talk about how Jesus died on the cross, paid His life for ours... however i find that we sometimes forget that He defeated death. He also took not just my sin, which is HUGE mind you, but the sin of humanity. sin from the past, from today, and from the future. all of it.

all of it.

on His shoulders.

then He took and made it as though we had never done a thing. imagine the pain. imagine how heavy that burden was. all that sin. and then... He conquered death. He looked satan in the face and said to back off. He claimed us as H I S O W N! His very own!! gosh if that doesn't pump you up something is wrong.

lastly... attempting more artistic photos.... you can address them how you will. until next time...

Thursday, April 1, 2010


well i am excited today. i have been awake since 6 this morning and am just full of joy. seriously, i cannot remember waking up, ever, at 6 am and being so darn happy. it's a quarter after ten and i am not really sleepy. so yay. God just surprised me this morning with a little glimpse of His glory. thats is the best way to start a day. in his g l o r y

yesterday, whilst taking a study break, sara and i went to a tennis match for a girl in my D-group. so cute. she was great. and i took some pics. enjoy!

i am really pumped about today. mk and i are going to chewacla and are going to play. i can not explain how long i have been waiting for the sun to come out and stay out long enough to play with my camera. i have the zoom lens on today and that is what i took jordan's tennis pics with.

i have stories to share... insights to indulge you with... nuggets of goodness to share. but today the one thing i want you to know as you read this is that no matter where you are in your life, not matter what is happening in your life, no matter what is bringing you down- God is BIGGER. he is STRONGER. he is HIGHER than anything else. have faith in him, he IS going to bring you through.

and if our God is for us then who could EVER stop us?