Thursday, September 10, 2009

drew and ellie

drew and ellie holcomb are so amazing. i am so glad that i went with the girls a couple weeks ago to listen to them. they did a free concert at town creek here in auburn and i fell in love. they are the absolute cutest couple. he plays the guitar, she the mandolin and they both sing. she is my inspiration for my voice, that is with her harmonies and such. she is so gifted and she blends so beautifully with her husband. they are p r e c i o u s.

so this weekend was the first football game of the season. it was a lot of fun for sure. there's something about football though, i mean there is something so spectacular about college football. especially in the south. we hold it so high. but walking around saturday, watching thousands of orange and blue clad fans, little family tailgates, empty solo cups and experiencing that intoxicating smell of burgers, hotdogs, beer, and fresh cut grass made me love it even more. honestly, the beginning video this year did not do it for me as it has in the past, however the band did it's job. i expect to hear a little more "sweet carolines" though . . .

i love how one week can be so different from the past weeks. how although this college experience gives you ample opportunity to create structure and a set schedule, there is also a great deal of freedom. let's just say my sleep doctor is N O T going to be very happy with me come october 13th.

still laughing about my french class. that is a whole other blog waiting to happen. haha.

praying for patrick and sara every day. watched blood diamond this weekend... did N O T help the desire to be back in africa. they said TIA like a bunch in that movie... ahhh

also CHRIS and LAURA are PREGNANT!!!!!! oh cannot wait. i feel like an aunt, but i'm just a little second cousin. this child is going to be so spoiled.