Sunday, September 23, 2012

good morning fall.

yesterday was a perfect first day of fall. nice little breeze, there were actually crunchy leaves, and last night i had to wear a sweater to dinner.

these are all things that make this girl a happy camper.

i know it is a little early, but i got up to prepare my heart, soul, mind and body for a nice little 19-mile run with william. and as i was sipping on a small cup of coffee, i decided to pick up my good ole friend Oswald Chambers.

Mr. Chambers and i have a lovely relationship. he is deep enough to give me something to chew on, but his daily entries for Utmost are not too long that i have to reread them 8 times to fully catch every morsel of insight.

after i read today's reading, i had to share. i was going to just tweet a blurb, but you can only say so much in 160 characters.

it's called The Missionary's Goal. and the verse is Luke 18:31. here is what the reading said that struck me...

in our natural life our ambitions change as we grow, 
but in the Christian life the goal is given at the very beginning,
and the beginning and the end are exactly the same,
our Lord Himself.
We start with Christ and we end with Him.

The goal of a missionary is to do God's will,
not to be useful or to win the lost.
A missionary is useful and he does win the lost.

Nothing EVER diverted our Lord on His way to Jerusalem. 
Neither gratitude or ingratitude turned our Lord even the slightest degree away from His purpose.

The SAME things that happened to our Lord will happen to us on our way to "jerusalem." 
There will be works of God exhibited through us, 
people will get blessed, 
and one or two people will show gratitude 
while the rest will show total ingratitude. 
NOTHING must divert us from going up to our jerusalem.

there are so many times i hear christians across the globe get discouraged because "people are not receptive" or people "aren't hearing them." that is when i think about Jesus and how he was rejected, tortured, and slain by the very ones He came to save. the students will never surpass the master (matt 10), so why would we think we would be accepted with open arms?

this was so encouraging for me. especially with the work we do here in Atlanta. 
this should be encouraging to you, through whatever you are doing in your life. 

let nothing divert you from your goal; from doing the Lord's will. 

surround yourself with people that will build you up to reach your goal. 
or who will serve under the same mission. 

what is diverting you away from the goal as Christians and missionaries? 
                        your job?
                                        your relationship?

remember who we are as Christians. we are imitators of Jesus. so in our lives, let us demonstrate this. 
let nothing divert you. 

i am a missionary. my goal is to do the will of God. 

i hope this gives you something to chew on this wonderful fall morning. 

peace and blessings. 

Thursday, September 20, 2012

the prep.

hola blog world. it's been a minute.

the remainder of august and september thus far have been a complete whirlwind. all together exciting and memorable.

after my last little post, i got a job. at Brave Public Relations here in atlanta. it was an obvious, clear, direct sign from Jesus that I take the opportunity. it is temporary, but it is a JOB and i am learning a lot about my field and how to take my skills and apply them to my job.

that being said, i work full time. which i haven't done in a while.

and i love having a routine again, and this i am sure you are keenly aware of is good for my admin/marge self.

i feel like this pre-fall season is what i am calling the prep and method phase. preparation is kinda the most important part to anything you do. think about cooking/baking. you cannot just throw everything you think you need into a bowl and then have cookies... you gotta measure and separate and beat things together. sometimes you have to have a little separation to make the recipe turn out perfectly.

and i feel that is where i'm at.

i am being prepared quickly for what is to come. and i am ready to embrace everything the Lord has prepared ahead for me! i love the way he has been stretching me emotionally and physically [with working and training for the marathon and with family/friends/new people/old people/ etc etc] He is mixing in new things into my life while sustaining lasting things, teaching me to balance my life on His tables.

the prep and the method are crucial in making this recipe splendid. and i'm in the middle of that marvelous "phase".

so to catch everyone up... here is an overview of august and september!

august 22- interviewed with Brave and got the job. started working the 27. Will and i have been little travel bunnies. we went to the visit family in NC and favorites in bham, and then back to charlotte for the Hillsong concert. i went back to montgomery to take kelsey and chad's engagement photos...

can you say beautiful? i loved doing this!

also, one of my bestest bestest friends got engaged in august, another one of my bestests moved to atlanta AND i got to eat lunch with one of my FAVORITE texans in the world... miss myra. i have had a seriously blessed couple months.

marathon training- still going on if you were questioning it. we will be running our second to longest run in the training phase- a big 19 miler. and we are a little over 6 weeks out from the big day. so prayers are appreciated! no injuries!

mostly- i am excited because this morning when i was walking to my car and to work at 7:45, it was chilly! is it fall yet??? it will officially be on Sept. 22! and october, which is the best month in the year, i think, is coming up soon. 

well blessings to you all. 

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

water and cake.

a few weeks back when we were riding to kids club, we started a conversation about favorite drinks.

mine was simply
   good ole H2O baby.

i am a stickler about getting enough water every day {i try to drink at least 2 liters} and adamant about non drinking sodas. {sorry to all those pop/coke/soda lovers and drinkers... read the labels}. my parents get annoyed with my constant reminding them of how diet coke is bad for you and how they should be drinking more water.

i actually crave water all the time and my body has become an excellent detector of dehydration and such. it refuels your body and helps with concentration, mobility, skin health, and overall well being. and it tastes great.

but that's not all water does.

have you ever seen a wave knock down a tree or a house? what about a flood carry away a car? i've seen people walk across iced ponds and lakes. or swim in a pool on a summer day. and at the same time, they can drink some with ice inside their glass.

i've seen water make it through the tiniest cracks and clean out crevices with force. there are many things water can do. it can be three things, at once.

there is something about water that is so powerful and fascinating to me. and it's a characteristic i want to have in my everyday walk-

f l u i d i t y.

people are always telling us to be "flexible". 
and as things happen, you need to bend to fit the situation. 
flexible, makes me think of when i was a gymnast and  a human pretzel. 
but flexible also has a breaking point. 
a point where the object cannot move anymore,
or it will break. 

but fluidity is like water. water doesn't break. 
it moves to fit it's surroundings with ease and beauty. 
it can be as calming as a shore line or fierce as a monsoon.
if it comes to a point where it is cut off, it runs around the edges to make it's move. 
water moves. 
fluid in motion. 

i was reading in philipians 4 the other when paul discusses how we can do everything through Christ. and the author says in verse 13 {AMP version}

I have strength for all things in Christ Who empowers me [I am ready for anything and equal to anything through Him who infuses inner strength into me; i am self-sufficient in Christ's sufficiency.]

and as i read this, a picture of water come to mind.

the world throws at us all these problems and issues and situations that we have the choice to encounter with fear or with welcome. a lot of time people get so scared of something happening, they lose sight of the promise of the Father.

He says we can do all things. not just big important things, but little things too. and that when these things come our way, don't be afraid! but fluid in His movement.

when we welcome these boulders in the way of our fluid movement, we have the strength to overcome. 
to persevere. 
and to conquer.
if we are flexible, we fail. 
         eventually we will break.
if we are fluid, we flourish.
         because we have Christ's strength.


celebrating birthdays is very important to me. i believe that each person only gets one real day to celebrate their life.

the most wonderful part about birthdays is that God chooses the day.

doctors always try to pin point when the baby is going to show up, but God has it already planned out. which i think is really fun. God picks your birthday.

and i think God likes to throw parties too. think about when spring comes around. creation throws a party in thanks to the creator. same thing with the first snow {... that we don't see in the South...}. it's all a celebration. and a reminder of our marvelous creator. i think birthday parties should be "thankfulness parties" because we should be thanking God for the gift of another year.

and by golly we should celebrate.

august 15 was my thankfulness day. including time with two precious auburn friends, my grandparents, yummy food, and sweet surprises by my family and Will.

there was a lot of joy inside me during this day. so many sweet emails, phone calls, and cards- i felt like my little heart was going to just burst with happiness.

but i didn't eat birthday cake, which, is one of my favorite things... so i may need to have a one-week celebration of my 22nd birthday just to have some ;)


speaking of birthdays, my baby brother turned 18 on Friday. i am very proud of my bro, he is growing up to be a very strong man of God. the other week our pastor called him out from behind the pulpit for being a leader.

talk about accountability.

this is his last year of football at TPS, so i will attempt to make it to as many games as i can. he is precious to me. so blessed to call him my brother.


things to look forward to:

  1. beach with Will's familia. 
  3. my birthday present from William and the adventure that include
  4. FALL is coming (in a couple months)
well, that's about all folks. happy wednesday
peace and blessings.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

four eyes.

the year was circa 1999 and we still drove a mini van. a dodge caravan; candy apple red, to be exact.

mom was in the driver's seat and the three babes were in the back seat, probably drinking a juice box or listening to MIX103 or something like that. 

it had be a wonderful day. we had gone to school, mom had taught her little hooligan kindergartners, and by this time in the afternoon, we had been killed with turkey sandwiches and goldfish crackers. 

i remember it was spring. 

i also remember having to sit about three feet from the board at school. i remember having headaches from squinting. and i remember my teacher "suggesting" to my mother that we visit the eye doctor. 

that day, in the dodge caravan, as we drove home from the eye-doctor, i was sporting new glasses. simple little silver frames with a nice 4th grade haircut {which included bangs and hung right over the shoulders}. throw in a plaid skirt and Oxford and you got your self a baby nerd. 

but i was ecstatic. 

i remember it was spring because of the trees. as we passed a pecan grove near my home i shouted out, "MOM LOOK! the trees have LEAVES!"

my mom cried in the caravan that day.

who knew how long i had not been able to see the individual leaves on the trees. all mom knew was that it broke her heart that i couldn't see. she wanted so bad for me to be able to see what she saw. but i didn't know any better. 

now i am four eyes. but i am ever thankful for those glasses and contacts i have. i can see.

everyday i put on my contacts or glasses. and i can see. 
everyday i put on by other glasses too.

i ask Jesus, every single day, to give me His eyes. i want to see people the way He sees people. full of love, compassion, mercy. the Lord sees people and says "i want to pour my love out on them through you."

your relationships with people depend on your perception of them. how can we see others the right way? we must see them through the eyes of Jesus. 

in every encounter, i have to ask the Lord, "how do you see them Jesus?" 

God loves to share His feelings for people when we ask. and when we treat them the way God sees them, we bless them and obey our great Father. 

i believe the way we look at people, without judgement {if you didn't know, that is NOT our job} but with love and respect, can change lives. i have seen it happen. 


in other news, my William has started a new journey with his career. if you think about it, say a little prayer for him as his is making this transition. i am so proud of him. 

annnnd i am writing from my NEW COMPUTER! it's my graduation present from the grands. the burned beauty is now being used as backup. 

and this is a new baby we are so excited about! his name is josiah and he is one of the most precious babies i have ever seen. william did a great job with him. 


well tomorrow is the big day.

i actually feel older this year. not old like elderly old, but older.

this blog is really helpful with looking back and seeing how much growth i have experienced, how much learning i've been through. some really good things have happened this year. some marvelous things have happened this year. i have been tried and tested, i have seen fruit and blessings. i can sit here and write this and feel so much further than where i was last year. the Lord has blessed me beyond my imagination and my own understanding.

however, i am so excited about the new things this year will bring. the Lord has so many promises for me and i cannot wait to share them.

"therefore, as your received Christ Jesus the Lord, so walk in him, rooted and built up in him and established in the faith, just as you were taught, abounding in thanksgiving." Colossians 2:6-7

Tuesday, August 7, 2012


anticipation of pain is {i believe} the worst human emotion.

think about it.

when you were little, taking a band-aid off was terrible and horrifying. remember getting teeth pulled or your finger pricked at the doctor's office? yeah, i do. and each event was accompanied with tears.

many times we often avoid things because of perceived pain.

remember avoiding the break up with a middle or high school boyfriend/girlfriend?? do you remember how many tears were shed over that person, yet, as shocking as it may be, you do not even talk to them anymore. what about when you need to tell the parents that you got a ticket or failed a class? we procrastinate until the moment when it is absolutely necessary.

i also believe this is true when it comes to training. for anything.
some days i wake up, look at the schedule, and want to cry when i see numbers like 15, 17, or 20.
"why did i do this again?" creeps into my little mind every now and again.

then i take my time getting dressed. i make sure i go to the bathroom about 5 times before i exit the house. i suck it up. and i run.

once i just got into my swing and started running i felt great. the weather was perfect and my legs were doing their job and i could breathe the air. i ran 5 miles and got back and i was finished.
and i felt great. granted, there were a few lovely atlanta hills that were AWESOME and i thought i might keel over right there and die... but i did not. i made it and i felt awesome.

perceived risk. anticipated pain.

so many times we don't do what we should for those two above reasons.
countless opportunities pass us by because we are afraid of stepping out.
there is risk in waking up in the morning.
there is risk when you fall asleep.
there is risk when you do anything. and there will probably be pain along side it.

the Lord calls us into some crazy things. He asks us to act and walk through things we know are going to be painful. we see the stuff that comes with it. we hear the stories and anticipate pain. we scare ourselves. we listen to lies.

but the Lord also says He will never leave or forsake us. that His Presence watches over us continually. that we are in the palm of His hand. that He knows the plans for us, He directs our will and our way. 
He also knows our pain. His Son took the weight of our pain and died for it. He has experienced it. 

so why, then, do we get so afraid? why do we cower at the first thought that this may be uncomfortable for me? what is holding us back?

a wise person once said to me, "you can do anything temporarily". meaning, there may be pain involved and some suffering, yet it is only temporary.
the Lord promises that pain may last for the night, but JOY comes in the morning. it's temporary pain.

and that goes for everything. for a new job. for stepping out and challenging your parents to walk deeper in their faith. for running a marathon. for getting married. having a baby. having cancer. pulling a tooth.

my challenge today is to remember the pain someone went through to get you where you are.
my challenge is that you step out in your faith and move a mountain.
that you take the strength given to you by our Lord and do something.
whether it is going to be painful or not.


my other challenge is this. 
how many times did you laugh today? 

we all need to lighten up a little. apparently, we are supposed to laugh 25 times a day. 

a cheerful heart is good medicine. 

and i dare you not to laugh at this precious baby....

peace and blessings.

Thursday, August 2, 2012


it's august everyone. welcome; to the month of my birth.

tuesday was the last day of intern status. the evaluation was beautiful. my little growing brain/heart/spirit was looking forward to getting some areas for me to grow in. instead, i felt like it was Morgan Appreciation Day. never in my life have i received as much affirmation and encouragement as i did in those 45 minutes. 

so many times, we look so hard at how we can encourage and fill other people up, we forget to get filled ourselves. 

but i did, and my cup was full, and my heart leapt with excitement about the season that is coming. the Lord said that He was proud of me- He looked down upon me and called me His child and said he was proud!

and then the devil met me at the door.

things like:
 are you sure you are called to this ministry and is He really proud of you and what about this... or that...

and so i captured those darts and i sent them where they belong.
      the foot of the cross. 

but these two days the Lord has been showing me what trust looks like. for the first time in my life, i have not guarantee as to what i will be doing. i make phone calls and send in applications and have interviews. and they are all hanging in the air. 

but there are things that aren't hanging in the air. the things that keep me going. 

like tomorrow, i will help two of our girls move. today, i created another new brownie masterpiece {yea call me Betty}. i have a healthy body that is carrying me through marathon training {more on that in a second}. i have a date tonight with my one and only. 

blessing are abundant. my God is faithful, living, true to His word. He is a protector and He wants to give me things, for i am His child, and a loving Father wants to provide for His children. He wants me to depend on Him as provider. and therefore, i have nothing else to lean on but Him.


running. we are running a marathon. it is happening in october and we are 10 weeks out. this week monday was 11 miles, wednesday was 4, today was 8, and tomorrow, 4 again. the legs are holding up fine. the mental stamina is kicking back in. and i love the time i get to spend out on the road or in the woods. i am no longer eating a vegetarian diet. it was literally destroying my muscles and i was not getting enough protein. however, i am eating more veggies and fruits than anything else. and complex carbs of course. 

it has been an adjustment to learn how to run in atlanta. 
so. many. hills.
but i am getting stronger. 

will is a good encourager through this. especially since he is running it too. mutually beneficial. 


i wanted to blog today because i want to keep writing. sometimes i get hung up on other things and i forget to write in my journals. and so this is the best way i know how to keep writing. 
i love it. 
it drives me to want to do cooler and more marvelous things so i can blog about it.
there will be better stories. more insight and more knowledge as i continue to grow. 
i want to invite you to continue on my journey with me. 
i promise you wont get bored. 

well, too bored. 

so thanks to people who have been encouraging me to keep writing. 
thanks to people to actually read this thing. 

i hope you are learning as much as i am. 


and i found this today.
it is now my inspiration for the month of august. 

peace and blessings. 

Monday, July 30, 2012


there is something about being a girl. something buried very deep in the crevices of who we are that makes us love things that shine. maybe it is the fact that we long to be princesses. or maybe it has to do with feeling pretty and special. i don't really know why exactly, but that is the way it is.

girls like to shine.

and today i had the extreme urge to wear this dress to a party. or even just to dinner.

i want to wear this beauty with some nice red lipstick. and a certain someone on my arm. that would be marvelous. 

but i wonder even still as to the reasoning behind my urge for sparkles. someone told me i was a star. and that one day i was going to collide with another star and then little sparkles were going to cover the ground. 

you know, we sing a lot of songs about love shining and love being bright. maybe those sparkles are little love beams. maybe i am going to cover the ground and the people with love. i like that. 
and maybe that is why i like to sparkle. literally  i'd like to be so radiant with love that it shows through my nasty, sinful skin, to reveal the truest light love that lives inside. 

let's sparkle today. 

and then a little more about the L word. 

i found this gem. and i just giggled the whole way through it. 

i especially like the second one. it is so true in my life.


tomorrow is the official last day of the internship at NightLight. i am excited to see what tomorrow brings, seeing that is is evaluation day. 

i am not sure what the next step is, so if you're wondering, there is your answer. just hold on and i will get you an answer as soon as i know one. 

it's almost impossible for me to put into a few words what this summer at nightlight has done to me. it has exposed my heart for broken men and women in atlanta. it has confirmed my calling to this area of the states. i am truly thankful for the prayers and texts of encouragement i have received over the past few weeks. 

but my journey with NightLight is not over. boy, is it far from that. i am ready to take more on. i am ready to keep fighting and sparkling love all over the streets of atlanta. one night at a time. 

anyways. happy monday my friends. 
peace and blessings. 

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

on your own.

last night i had quite an experience at kids club.

one precious child went all stage-five-clinger on me pretty early on. like wrapping her whole entire little first grade, sun baked, dusty body around my waist, legs, shoulders. it was pretty impressive the way she was able to hold on to me like that.

at first it was kinda sweet. we sat on the big blue tarp in the limited shade available. i figured she was just tired and didn't want to play the usual basketball game we play every week. so we just sat and i held her.

then it was time for worship and she needed to participate, but she didn't want to. and normally i draw a line and say alright chick, stand up, you're a big girl, let's sing and dance! but, being our last week for a couple months, i didn't. so i sat, and i let her just lay there in my lap.

and at this point it was still sweet. until it was time for the skit. which i was apart of. and homie would not let me stand up. she was flinging herself at me. jumping onto my legs. and so i just kept walking. and then i got tot he front and there she was, begging me to pick her up.

*note- she is not 4, this baby girl is 7. she isn't like a baby. and is fully capable of standing.

i do it. i pick her up. who knows what she has been through today. maybe she needs someone to hold her.

after craft/snack, it's time to clean up. mind you, she has been attached to me the whole time i lead a craft group and other kids are noticing this semi-odd behavior. she wont let me put her down. the whole time. and started hurting me. i was trying to hard to be sweet. i started being more commanding in my voice. nothing.

no response.

she started acting like a baby. like mumbling and stuff.

she needed to walk on her own. she needed to be strong and stand up. walk by my side and i could teach her so much more than when she is silently clinging to my body. we needed to have a conversation.

as we were leaving, my heart hurt for her, as did the rest of my overheated, beaten up body.

i eventually pried her from me. literally had to pry her off, with the help of others. and i sat on the other side of the fence.

and as i sat there i got sad. and i tried not to get frustrated or freaked out. i wanted to apply this.

suddenly i saw a picture of when i lay in God's lap. when i am so tired and overloaded, there are time when i don't want to worship, and i just want to lay in His presence. silent. peaceful. safe.

but there comes a time when God says to me,

"my child, i have much to teach you, get up and walk with me. you are still in My presence, but you are walking with me. i cannot carry you forever, you are a big girl, you need to walk."

i learn so many things through the kids at kids club. this was such a large reminder. there are so many days where i just want to lay in my bed and go over the little moments through this internship and see again where God is teaching me. yet He calls to me, beckoning me to wake up, get up, and go! share what i have learned, teach what he is teaching me.

the Lord loves to hold us. He knows we are clingers. He created us that way.

but He also created us with feet and legs to walk. and hands to hold His hand. 

last night, as i laid down in my bed, i thought over the ways to teach what i am learning. and the Lord said, right where I am placing you.

so if that means in my house, with my "roommates" or with my William or my friends and family, then so be it.

if that means in a new job... then i will be light there too. i am excited for what it coming.... this little caterpillar is getting ready...

peace and blessings.

Friday, July 20, 2012

peace and blessings.

i say this a lot when i leave places... and maybe it's because of that awful video about Tina and Peter in the park. but it is what i wish on people. lots of peace and lots of blessings.

last week i was under a lot of spiritual attack after our breakthrough we had. i was in constant turmoil over the situation and my mind constantly traveled in about 4687 different directions. because of that, not only did i have a minor breakdown and begin doubting some things i haven't before, i started listening to satan's lies. which, in case you were wondering, is the worst thing you can do. after letting those lies pollute my little brain and my thought patterns... well you know. my relationships suffered. my sleeping suffered. my running suffered. blah blah blah. i was ticked. not only at this rotten satan but at my self for letting it happen.

but then i got real with satan, told him to back off, and let Jesus deal with the real issue there.

and that's when i got peace.

then friday night outreach came along.

and i was asked to second lead a team. which for a new intern is pretty cool. i felt right in the place God designed for me in that moment. the Lord led us to some people He really needed to speak with. we encountered some frightening things, and some of our team was a little shaken up. immediate prayer. peace.

the following saturday was a whirl wind. wake up. eat. throw on my running spandex. stretch out. hop in the car with Will. drive. park. run 12 miles at 11 o'clock in the middle of the hottest time of the day {we are great with planing}. drink about a gallon of water. shower. pass out. pack. meet two of the people who played a part in Will and I meeting. drive to the lake to meet my family at 9:45 and get there at midnight.


i think i could live there for a season or two. i have not put my pictures on my computer yet, but they are coming. every night was a showcase of the artist we call God. every conversation was blessed with laughter and joy. there were large porches, hot tubs, hammocks, good food, better fellowship, and bonding time with my one and only.

i successfully burned my body. {which i had not done all summer! yay for no skin cancer!} and my arms felt like jello pudding after a short tubing incident with my dad behind the wheel and three boys egging him on.

but it was worth it. and my heart was overflowing with thankfulness for the blessings in my life. for that crazy bunch of people i call my family. for my one and only. for where i was raised and how i was taught. for love.

how thankful am i for the friendships that are growing! wednesday night was a sweet glimpse into a promise the Lord has given me. i am growing more and more fond of this place everyday.

oh yeah. and i got a haircut last week. best decision. 

well now i am rambling. 

just remember to be so thankful for the gifts you have been given and show love to everyone.

i love you all.
peace and blessings.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

life according to my iPhone.

best running socks yet. no more blisters!

tony's family and friends night!

the "daily bread" flat ware at the house

mary's wedding!
brave's game festivities 

must read this.

sunflower cafe! portobello mushroom wrap!


Yeah Burger! so yummy!


mine was a veggie, don't worry!

Monday, July 9, 2012



  1. A sudden, dramatic, and important discovery or development, esp. in science.
  2. A significant and dramatic overcoming of a perceived obstacle, allowing the completion of a process.

i remembered seeing her walk down the street that first night. i remember seeing her face scrunched up at us like we had horns growing out of our foreheads. the pain in her eyes was penetrating, deep enough to cause a stirring inside my heart. "Lord", i prayed, "help us reach her." 

she literally hated us for some time. her story is so detailed i couldn't make it up. after a series of tremendous heart wrenching events, her heart is encased by a 10 foot thick wall of brick and mortar. no one, especially not "church people", is getting in.

but friday night, she hit her limit. he almost killed her and her unborn child. she needed someone to talk to. 

as i saw her across the street walking towards us, my heart began to race. 
Holy Spirit, i ask you to start breaking down this wall!
make her open. make her see You, Father, in us!

as i prayed out loud they came closer. this was our chance to speak life into her spirit. LA called to me and said to go. and then i heard the Lord say,
Just listen 

so that's what i did. 
for the first time since we have known her, she approached us. 
for the first time, she wanted to talk with us.
and for the first time, she let us know it was okay. 

the Lord put her on my heart the very first night. but it wasn't his timing yet. 
she wasn't ready. 
now she is ready to talk. 
i knew she didn't want me to pray over her in that moment, but she said i could on my own time. 

and that is when we experienced breakthrough. 

she recognized me as someone who will love her RIGHT WHERE SHE IS.
she saw my heart wasn't to condemn or judge her... it was to love. 
she told me she was happy to hear i understood. 

that my friends, is breakthrough. 

and i cannot wait to speak with her again...

i think these past two months of living in Atlanta has brought to much hope into my life. the Lord is moving in a mighty way here. whether that is through organizations like NightLight or at Grace Midtown or in the individual lives represented in all of my community. 
God is doing something big here. 
friday night, i was given much encouragement. 
first was that my God is faithful.
that He is reminding me of this through my patience in His timing and in His hand on my life.
second was that whatever plan He has for me are bigger than my idea of what He wants me to do. so erase them. 

so i am also experiencing breakthrough.



Friday, June 29, 2012

knock you naked.

it has been quite some time since i last baked something and actually took the time to document my efforts for the ole blog. this week will was having an especially hard week at work, so i decided to take the opportunity to make something new and encourage my favorite person with his favorite.


yet, i was having a dilemma. do i make the go to Martha's brownies or do i step out on a little adventure of my own and create something new....

seeing that i enjoy risks and new adventures, i chose to make something new. so this is what happened.
a twist on three different recipes. and they still need a name {comment with a suggestion:)}

i have always been a BIG fan of The Pioneer Woman {remember "the bread"?}. well, she made an adaptation to one of her favorite brownies and so i did the same with hers. They are called Knock You Naked brownies. with good reason, i might add. 

so i made these babies with a twist. and they will also, knock you naked. 

Grandmama calls them "sin". 

  most of the time i shy away from a box... but this time it alright! you use one box of German Chocolate Cake mix....

one stick of butter, melted.

one cup of finely chopped pecans... not a cup of pecans chopped... there is a difference :)

1/3 cup of evaporated milk.

then you mix all that goodness together until it looks like cookie dough/ brownie batter!
then in a separate bowl, mix 1/4 cup of nutella

with half a can of sweetened condensed milk and set it aside. 

get a 9 x 9 or 8 x 8 pan and grease it realllly good. i used coconut oil for mine. 

and half the batter and press it down in the bottom of the pan. 

cook that puppy in a 350 degree oven for about 6 mins... and then pour that nutella goodness over it. 

take the remaining batter and a LARGE sheet of wax paper. put the batter on the paper and using another sheet, press out a square the size of your pan. place it on top {HINT: i didn't do it this way and i wish i would have... this idea is hindsight.}

after about 26 more minutes in the oven.. you get this baby!

its so YUMMY! but dont eat it yet. save it. 

let it cool all the way, and then generously cover it with powdered sugar! 
then enjoy!

{note: i think they are better the next day... }

hope you enjoy this little creation :)
and please... come up with a name for me after you try them!

much love.