Friday, March 27, 2009

rainy day

it's finally spring here, which means tons of pollen and thankfully tons of sun. with the exception of today of course. woke up to one of those stay in bed days, but i had class at eight. so i trudged through the rain to class, enduring the cold wet hours to follow.
although it is raining, and it has been for the past two days, there is something so refreshing about it. for example, i was sitting in music appreciation class when mr. dickerson quoted dolly parton. random, i thought, however the words were quite meaningful. he said, " you can't have a rainbow unless you go through the rain." perfect, i thought. that is life right there. a great application to our lives. our lives have rain like today and rain like ivan, but in the end, God always provides a promise of a rainbow in the end.

the other day i was thinking about uganda and i was praying for my team. then it hit me how close i am to leaving. it's less than two months away. two months! i am so eager to be there, soaking up the joy and pouring out the love of Christ. and in my eagerness to be over there, i did some research on Swahili words that i may use in uganda. i learner my favorite one, thank you very much... asante sana. it flows so well and i know that i will use it a lot. i know i use it a lot already, asante sana.

enjoying the rain the lord gives, as the earth soaks up the rain, i am soaking up the joy of the Lord through his salvation. Asante sana Jesus.