Friday, September 20, 2013

No, I didn't forget.

over the past several weeks, 5 or 6 different blog post have been drafted and deleted. and although the number was small, a few people reached out to me, asking where my little blog had gone.

no fear. i did not forget. i let married life sink in a bit before the blogging started again. because there are so many things that come with marriage and the last thing i wanted to do, would be to ignore the most precious part of my life, with the computer in front of me.

i also had to put a disclaimer on myself. what would and wouldn't be shared about our new life, what is beneficial to share, and what isn't. and ultimately, why did i ever even start this thing?

got to that place, and i can move forward.

so to get to the basics, this blog is going to change a little. my desire and calling is to help other people, whether through my little stories and through wisdom i am gaining from the Lord. i pray it helps others and encourages them on their journey through life. whether it's about marriage, gluten free cooking, my work with Wellspring or an adventure of some sort. my prayer is that someone, you can learn from what's going on... and maybe be entertained by our life's adventures.

note- the name change on the ole blog.
here is why.
  1. 1.
    in motion.
    "a fast-moving river"
    synonyms:in motion, operating, active
  2. 2.
    producing strong emotion, esp. sadness or sympathy.
    "an unforgettable and moving book"
    synonyms:affecting, touching, poignant, heartwarming, heart-rending, emotional,

we are blessed to be a blessing and i am excited to start writing again.