Friday, March 30, 2012

here i go again...

i need this for my life.

you all know how much i love to set goals for myself and how much i love lists... well i have been doing a lot of goal setting and list making to keep me on top of m game for school and other activities in life.

{side note}
i promised myself when i created this blog my freshman year, that i would not post things in a negative nature. i do not enjoy negativity, and especially negative people. over my last few posts, i have been pretty negative about school. why? i am so blessed to be in school and have a mind that works and to have a family that supports what i am doing. 
no need for me to complain. it may be hard; so what? life is hard.
it may be a lot: so what? things can always be more stressful.
too blessed to be stressed.
so my apologies. i don't like negative people....

back to it.
i have made a goal for each day when i wake up. a goal for school, a goal for people, a goal for myself. you get it. and each day, i find more productivity in my midst when i work to accomplish goals. small or big! because of this, school is going swimmingly. and i am really enjoying my projects. and i cannot wait to share them with you!

and so i thought i'd share this little list i made a few weeks ago, when i relaized i had 60 days until graduation....

so i am making a list. a list of things i want will to do in the next 60 days before i graduate. 
  1. i will finish 60 days of insanity
  2. i will an A on my final project 
  3. i will run at least 10 miles a week
  4. i will get a job for the summer in my choice city
  5. no meat (gave it up for lent)
  6. i will invest in relationships
  7. i will learn more of the mandolin

if you want to know my progress... here it is. 
1. haven't missed a day
2. workin' hard for my money
3. been more like 5... oops
4. interviews. interviews. interviews.... waiting, waiting, waiting
5. NO MEAT! until grad-g-ation. 
6. yeah, i feel like i am... you can decide that for yourself :)
7. eh, poor choice on the list... don't own one. ha.

so we're making progress. about a month and a week left. so i added one more thing.

8. blog more (as in a least 3 times a week) BIG ONE, i know (travis keep me accountable)

and then i decided i needed something to look forward to after i graduate and after i complete my list. ergo, another goal/list/check-off-thing


big scary, scary, 26.2miles-scary word.
yep, i said it. i'm gonna run a marathon this year. i have just decided this week. it's on my "things to do before i'm thirty" list, but i want to do more than one. so....Atlanta Marathon or the NorthFace Endurance Marathon, both in October. 

i know that if i say i am going to do it, i have to... i have all 3 of you to keep me accountable. so after graduation, i am going to start training. boom. 

here i go again...

Friday, March 23, 2012


march madness does not just apply to basketball. because i only have a short amount of time until may, school work is beginning to take precedence in my schedule. i have been doing great on the whole "senioritis" thing, until spring break happened.

i think we have spring break just to be mean; just to tease.

but it's okay. there is always mercy amidst the madness.

i've learned new things about myself.  in the past couple weeks.

list time!
  1. i am a master paper cutter. 
  2. i love being a vegetarian. 
  3. i cannot wait to have a house to decorate/organize/be OCD about. even if it's small. i look forward to those events. 
  4. i like eating meals with someone.
  5. i don't mind driving
apparently this photo is somewhere in england. where ever, i want to be there. barefoot.

yesterday was the first day of spring! and i am enjoying this weather for the most part. makes running more enjoyable, and i don't have to wear JEANs! i hate jeans. 

speaking of spring... spring break re-cap. i can do a top 5 things about spring break i guess. 

once again, list time!

  1. Charlotte! got to meet W's family. it was spectacular. i don't remember the last time i've been to NC but we made a nice little day trip out of it. i was thankful for that little adventure. 
2.  hiking with Nat! got to go to this little mountain....sawnee mountain. it was about 15 mins from her house and i have never even been there before. it was a perfect morning with her. 

3. W and i got to spend lots of quality time together. that should actually probably be number one.   it was such a positive time for our relationship. 

4. grandparent time. wisest people i know. might be a little biased, but they're also the greatest grands in the world.

5. Intermezzo
we went to this little cafe one night. although W said he wouldn't try to tempt me with all the amazing desserts {because i gave them up for lent as well} but they have coffee and other wonderful cafe beverages. 

so i drank something called a Cafe Hazel {or heaven in a coffee cup} and made W taste his first ever coffee drink {#proud}. it was definitely top 5 moments of spring break. it stays open very late, so we stayed very late and enjoyed watching the interesting Atlanta nightlife. if you ever find yourself on peachtree... go there.

well i am off to the library for the morning. happy friday.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

reasons i love saturdays.

as i have grown up, i have more of an appreciation for saturdays. especially saturday mornings. i get to wake up a little later than usual and really take my time with coffee and my breakfast (the usual oatmeal, banana, honey, and flax meal creation). i get to clean everything. i get to do laundry. i get to go for a long run (if the weather permits). i usually get to collect my thoughts and feelings from the week, write them down sometimes and move onto the next week.

another reason i love saturdays is the time i get to spend with Jesus. during the week, i have a time crunch on everything i do. there is always something else going on every hour. but on saturdays, not the case.

today i began reading my daily Jesus Calling devotion by Sara Young. {don't have it? check it out here.} i have talked about this little book before. each little devotion is based on 2-3 verses from scripture and is written as first person, God, speaking directly to you. and because it is direct scripture, it is God-breathed, living and applicable to every single day of my life. i love when God does that.

she began with this today...

YOU ARE MINE FOR ALL TIME- and beyond time into eternity.... 
I want you to realize how utterly secure you are! 
Even as you falter through this journey of life, I will never let go of your hand.


knowing that your future is absolutely assured can free you to live abundantly today!
I have prepared this day for you with the most tender concern
and attention to detail.
Be on the lookout for all I am doing.
This requires a deep level of trust, based on the knowledge

it applies to me this morning for several reasons. but the most obvious one was i was sitting here at the table eating my oatmeal, making a list of everything i needed to do today. {ps. if you didn't know, i'm all about me a good list}

and then i thought about how much i needed a job, to i need to find a job, to what if i can't find a job, to i should start looking right now. 
which led me to the computer. where my bible and Jesus Calling was. 

so i stopped. opened the Bible, and read Jesus Calling. and here i am. 

i believe my future is secure. but i need to KNOW it. 
i believe i will be provided for. but i need to KNOW it. 

so i will live this day in His arms. and my future will be as it will be. secure. 


i wanted to put a little blessings tag on here. because i just think everyone should know how truly blessed i feel. 

this week i was blessed by my parents. they came to hear me sing at cornerstone and filled my belly with food and my car with gas. i am blessed to have parents who do that. i think i have the greatest parents in the world, but i may be a little biased...

i was blessed by my church. i get to spend all week with these amazing people at cornerstone. i am blessed to call them my church family and honored to work beside them furthering the kingdom. i have so much excitement about the weeks to come. the Lord is doing amazing things there...

i am blessed by my sister. no words for this one. she is my best friend. that is all. 

by my roommates. double s gets up and has devo with me. makes getting up so much easier. kim encourages me in ways she doesn't even know. their drive in life is inspiring. 

my BAND! i think i could hang out with my monsters every day. they are teaching me and encouraging me like no other. i love them. and i am SO EXCITED to be playing with them over the rest of the semester. 

W. i don't have too much to divulge into about W. because it's not for everyone to know. but i am honored and blessed by him every single day. more excited than he probably knows about this journey. 


so there is my saturday morning brain ramblings and thoughts. 
until next time. 


ps. photo of the day...

Source: via Morgan on Pinterest

Monday, March 5, 2012

oh well.

honestly it has been hard for me to keep up with this blog. with how much i time i spend on the computer, there is a very small desire for me to sit here and work on a post when i have other things i can be doing.

with that said, i am not quitting, because i don't believe in quitting.

but i think i need to find more inspiration to blog about. maybe i am just tired of trying to be creative and write beautiful prose for all my followers to enjoy. i think this blog began for me, and needs to continue to be for me. selfish kinda yeahh i know. but it is my blog.

so yeah. want an update?? i'll do my best to fill you in quickly on my past couple months.

went to passion. began my last semester of college. began working at cornerstone. began singing with Teacup & the Monster. began waking up early again. began reading more again. got another eye infection. kim got engaged. w visited auburn. developed achilles tendonitis.
led at Winter Retreat with AUMC.

break from running. w visit's 3 times in conjunction with family farm extravaganza. first time singing at Lee-Scott. second show with Teacup & the Monster. phenomenal ash wednesday service at cornerstone and the beginning of lent (no meat, no desserts.. yea). justice week with IJM and it was unbelievable. starting running big time again and insanity.

oh and new baby bethea was born!

morgan goes to atlanta and sees w. sings at cornerstone and lee speaks an incredible message about restoration. next week is spring break. as well as myra's birthday!

soo that's all folks. back to work on cornerstone stuffs. hope you enjoy your week. i know i will.