Monday, April 30, 2012

guess who's back...

one week from today {exactly when i am writing this} i will walk across a stage in front of hundreds of people i don't know and a few i do, to represent walking from student to graduate.


 obviously, i am excited. as most students approaching graduation are and should be. embarking on a new journey never looked as appetizing as it does in my current state. 

if you would like to see what i have been slaving away at for the past semester and a lot to do with why it has been weeks since my last post, click HERE. you can let me know what you think... unless it's negative... 


this is embarrassing because i feel like i never, ever post about what IS going on, i always write about what happened. but i feel like i haven't written about me or what's going on inside my little brain in months. probably because it consisted on HTML and CSS coding and things like that. which, believe me, makes me more of a nerd than you care to know. 

but i guess you may {or may not} care to know the happenings of the last month. so here is a short description in a paragraph.

last formal. maundy thursday service at cornerstone church; the most amazing worship service i have been a part of. good friday, family comes and our LIVE CD goes out!! Will {yes Will is his name} spends Easter with the fam. work hard on that project. work more, and more and more. teacup and the monster album release, party for the album. sing in a festival. our album on iTunes. go to athens, go to savannah. turn in senior project. turn in final campaign {got an A!}

about Athens and Savannah... these three rockstars rode their bikes from athens to savannah. 

that's 200 miles. 

on a bike. 

hence rock star status. 

will, cy, and brad after 200 miles!!

jerseys. brad's says squirrel. 

needless to say, i was impressed. 
jane {cy's wife} and i were personal SAGs the whole way. i was also paparazzi and a coach. 
it was nice to watch instead of being the one competing or running. but it made me more motivated about that little marathon in october....

and then, we went to savannah.
i had not been there since i was a young-en, and despite the overcast skies, still loved it as much as i did then. we just walked around mostly. i dropped my jacket a few times in the road because i was preoccupied with my camera. shocking.


will and i enjoyed our time with friends that morning. lots of laughter from this group. and we will definitely be going back to savannah. to eat at this restaurant down to the left... the spanish pink-red one. it's called the "pink house" i do recall. 


i still don't have a job exactly. so if we go back to the check-list, i am doing okay. most things have been accomplished, except the insanity and the mandolin and i don't know what i got on my project yet... but i still have a week. 

now that we are all caught up on things, i will be able to post things that are happening. now, not five weeks ago. 

glad to be back.


Tuesday, April 17, 2012

gone fishin'

although i am not literally gone fishin', i will not be here for a while longer.

i am taking a break from blog world (contrary to my previous post where i made the lavish claim of 3 posts per week).

i apologize for the inconvenience i know this will cause you all.

just wait for the post-grad post. should be a doozie.

until then.
much love.