Wednesday, January 20, 2010


although i do not own the newest version of the patagonia fleece pull over, i do like it. i see one every single day as i walk down the concourse to class. there is a wide variety of colors ranging from Texas burnt orange to a vintage light blue. my personal favorite is the burnt orange. frances owns one and i wear it often and with that comes the joy and excitement of feeling part of the crowd. apparently patagonia is fratty. and as i was walking down the street in front of magnolia hall i was told that the warm fleece pull over i was currently clothing myself was indeed called a fratagonia. i laughed.

it is so true.

it has been a little hard for me to blog this past week. there have been some little things going on here and there, and some interesting things have occurred in my life. yet, i have not found something that truly made me want to blog. eh. in a rut i guess. so i am resorting to a story. you can judge the amount of humor you will. i think it is quite silly.

so i am running in a half marathon right? and so i do alot of running in order to train myself to be ready. i like the collisium. i know how far a mile is, the forces of nature cannot exactly reckon with me, and i can think as i run in circles. a majority of the time i am relatively alone. there may be a few older people walking around or some other joggers, but normally i get to run alone.

however, today was a slightly different story. it was tornado worthy weather when i chose to go out to run. consequently there were going to be more people in the collisium. but when i opened the door and heard a cadence being shouted and then about twenty some odd people sprint by me, i did not feel motivated to continue forward. it was awkward. so i managed to walk into the inner track to run. where, thank you army, marine, whatevers, there were many other people feeling the same frustration as i. not to mention the fact that at that moment, my right leg felt as though you had borrowed a major piece of my quad and decided not to return it.

needless to say the run was not enjoyed by any. frustration only motivated me to run about 2 miles and then do the stairs. leg throbbing i might add. and because of this, my run for tomorrow is now going to be a lovely 8 m i l e run. yes. terrific.

but oh well. i am going to finish something i started. i am running towards the finish line. getting closer with each step. [metaphorically and literally speaking]

Sunday, January 17, 2010


interesting how thing happen again. fascinating how things begin again. i'm doing it again. i said it was the end, but here it goes again. i find there is a pattern to my life. i seem to try to suppress things, try to ignore things, and yet, they creep on me and grow inside into something massive. something hiding inside that at any given moment in time, can explode. causing immense amounts of shock.

however, i am learning that this is not always a bad thing. maybe i should pay attention to this. maybe it should consider that it is coming for a reason. i love learning new things.

i listen to pandora while i write. it's this amazing little website where you listen to music you want to. and it's free. one of the greatest things i use. currently on pandora, empire state of mind. greatest song eva.

tonight, i spent some time in montgomery at cafe louisa with two of my absolute best friends. honestly, the Lord made these two precious creatures just for me to be friends with. they are the people that i can cry to, run to, hide with, and share my heart. there are so many instances when i think back on the kind of friends i would pray to God for. i remember crying in junior high school, asking my mother why i didn't have a best friend. now, i have many, but two in particular that have challenged and helped me find my way along my walk with the Lord. cannot explain my thankfulness. my heart if full, and my joy overflows.

john legend just came on my pandora. just melt my heart.

but i have great expectations for this semester. i am working hard and trying my best to glorify my God in everything i do. i am praying that i will not act weird around the people i care about most and show them how much i really care. affection. words. whatever it takes. show who you love that you do. and show them today. you may not have tomorrow.

that got morbid really fast. but needless to say it is necessary. so get out there and tell people. spread the love

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

finish line

i am running in a half marathon with my uncle. over christmas eve dinner, we decided that we would do it. i went online and found one in the greater atlanta area in march that looked pleasing.

my uncle and i have been training since christmas and let me tell you it has been a joy. mk decided to run it as well and we have both been working hard on getting in shape and everything for it. it has been a long road, but we are half way there!

the half marathon is called the snickers energy bar half marathon in rome, ga. i find it slightly ironic that we are running in a candy bar [although it is an energy bar] half marathon. kinda made me laugh inside.

classes have been going well and i enjoy the teachers i have. although it has only been two days worth of class, i think the semester is going to be a good one. i am looking forward to the wonderful experiences coming my way.

i am looking forward to crossing that finish line on the day of my half marathon. it will feel fantastic knowing that i have worked hard to reach a goal, and then achieving that goal. there is something to invigorating about that. only six more weeks.

pressing onward, towards the goal

Thursday, January 7, 2010

learning to whistle

welcome year 2010

new years eve was a blast.
we were in tampa at the Bullard residence and we got to shoot off fireworks and other things that keep pyros entertained. i decided that trip was what college would be like without school.
it was great.

as of late, seeing that it is the new year, there have been many magazine articles containing information that will help us in the new year. stuff about loosing weight (shocking), leaving things behind, and my all time favorite "turning over a NEW YOU in the NEW YEAR". "re invent yourself". goodness.

but in my own life there some things that are going to remain in 2009. i talked previously about holes that seemed to be ripping in my heart. i was under the impression that i was missing something, that i needed this in my life. was i ever wrong.

so i am leaving those holes in 2009. and it is the best decision i have ever made. the Lord is so faithful. he promises to heal our hurts, to hold onto our hands, pick up the pieces that fall apart and mend them together again. sometimes we get arrogant, we think we are capable of taking care of ourselves. for whatever reason, we forget that we are not able to do so. we cannot do it alone.

the greatest part: we don't have to.

sunday morning i awoke to the sound of my alarm pleasantly ringing on my cell phone. at 6:25. beautiful.
i dressed for church and began to bundle for the expected freezing temperatures awaiting me outside. as a opened the door from magnolia hall and proceeded into the open air. it was still. and it was silent.
there are very few times in auburn that the air is not filled with cheering fans, over zealous girls, drunken groups of people, passing cars, and the occasional train.
sunday morning was ever so still. if the weather had been in better taste, i would have stayed out and listened a little longer. i think, in all of his wonder and power and might, when he could be louder than anything we could imagine, God speaks through silence.
he whispers to us. to make sure we are listening.
he shows us a glimpse of his wonder.
in stillness.

well 2010, here we go.