Friday, January 23, 2009

ticking clocks

it has been a while since the last time i posted. no particular reason other than the fact that i have been forgetful. this new year has been full of new things, which in turn brings new activities and less time.

time is an interesting thing. time is what we live our lives by. how much time is left, what time we are leaving, what time we will be home, how much time it is going to take... see? we are so fixed on this time schedule we forget the one who holds time in His hands. there are many things in our lives that we want to "get finished" with quickly, so that we can move on to other more "interesting things". for instance when we start junior high, we are already preparing our minds for high school and then getting out of high school and then college, grad school and then we want to get through our jobs so we can retire. before we know it, we have wished away the time we have and we loose some of the wonder time brings.

time does a lot of things. it heals, it brings acceptance and forgiveness. time is sacred right? however many times i get so caught up on my time. what do i want to do with my time and my life. and then i am reminded there is this perfect creator of time, to whom time does not even apply, who knows what to do with time, if i hand it over. we put timers on things, "if this doesn't happen by this time than i am not doing..yada yada..".... sound familiar? of course it does. our lives are so fixed, and we need to become fluid to God's time.

we all say be flexible... but that is SO wrong. be fluid: like water. water is able to do whatever you want it to. it can fit into any container you put it in and can go anyway you want to direct it. we must be like water, in God's hands. going where ever, when ever, how ever He wants: with out question.

so i pray today that we all put away our clocks and rely on the Spirit to lead and guide our actions according to the Lord's perfect and timeless will.

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