Sunday, May 3, 2009

shocking... i think not

is it shocking to you that i am not studying for finals right now. ha. not shocking to me at all. why? well because i am about to embark on an incredible journey across the world. yes i am referring to unganda. one week and one day away. goodness it is just so shocking to me that after so many years of praying and pleading with the Lord to send me, He is.

ah so exciting.

i have been packing up my dorm room this week and on thursday when i went home with my parents, we took all my clothes. all but a few things for me to wear this week. my closet is completely bare, save my dress from church this morning and a robe ( yes a robe). everything in my room is boxed or in a basket or tub awaiting it's departure back to the Gump. i just cannot believe that i am moving out. i mean it feels like two days ago that i moved in hollifield. it's just craziness.

i am also pretty sad that i am not going to be living with mary evelyn. i am super happy about living with sara and laura! i really, really am. but i am sad not to see precious mev everyday. she has been such a blessing and gracious friend this year and she is sooo great. i'm just so happy she is going to be in montgomery this summer...

church was marvelous today. i have a new favorite song and i would sing it for you... but that would be dumb i guess. ha

i will fall at your feet, i will fall at your feet, and i will worship you. the feeling you gave your all for us. surrendered your life upon that cross, great is the love brought up for all, this is OUR God.

great words. powerful words. our God, the same God in africa, the same God in america. He is OUR God.

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Lauren Elise Bond said...

O girl! I am so glad you are my first follower :-)
And I can't wait for a week from tomorrow!!! I can't wait for all that we are going to learn over there!