Thursday, July 7, 2011


the beach was amazing this year. even though i only spent three days there, i was wonderful. i love my family more than anything, and getting to experience such beauty with such beautiful people is entirely more than anyone could ask for. i am thankful.

i am out of school for the summer. which means free time in auburn. living on the plains without school is new for me. surprisingly, my days have been full. from books and babysitting to cleaning and exercising, my time here is well spent.

the parents were not so happy with my decision to stay, but i needed some time here, without class, to enjoy college with my friends before i graduate.

and that is when it hits me like a mac truck. i am a senior.

i bought my tickets for football on the 28th of june. got the full season and all the away games. i am really looking forward to this year. whether or not our team plays as well as we did last year, it is going to be a blast.

also, on the 28th of june, we celebrated sara's 21st. we had three parties, ate WAY TOO MUCH CAKE and danced to tim tyler, picked about 3 gallons of blueberries, baked a pie, and packed kimmy's car in celebration. it was a good three days of sarapolooza. she's the bomb.

ADpi mode has set in. seeing as it's my last recruitment, i am doing everything i can to be involved. being chaplain, involved means praying for our chapter and all the work we're doing. as well as praying for the new girls coming through.

i get to spend a week at the lake again this year. we are leaving tomorrow morning and i plan on soaking in the sun and swimming across the lake (right Nat??). i will also be doing my training during the week, which should be interesting since the lake is SO HILLY.

but i am mid way through week two and feeling good. sore, but good. this is going to be a little different because i have started adding in other workouts instead of just running. some days i do a p90x video too, or insanity. so i am working harder and longer, but the end result should be better than expected.


1. finished JANE EYRE-
summary: enjoyed the book overall. very interesting twists and turns. Charlotte bronte is remarkable, yet verbose enough to frustrate me in dialogue. i recommend this novel, and i am contemplating renting the movie adaptation.

2. celebration of the 4th consisted of my updating my movie list...
12. The Black Swan
13. Tangled
14. Dinner for Shmucks

summary- each was magnificent in its own way. there were three parts in black swan that could and SHOULD be taken out. but, once past those, it was remarkable. beautiful acting, beautiful cinematography. tangled = classic disney movie. cannot go wrong. DforS was hilarious. laughed the whole way through. there was a little repetitiveness, but overall a great choice by Luke!

3. Started the Kite Runner. it's a best seller so i am expecting great things.

i am working on channeling my creative energy back into this blog. since i am trying to run and not eat so many sweets, baking is becoming harder...

so more photos and more blogging.

oh. and i found out how much pastry school is. $$$$$ anyone want to sponsor me? i can promise yummy treats for the rest of your life....

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