Wednesday, May 23, 2012

2 weeks.

happy two weeks in atlanta.

had wonderful week while the Grands were in the Bahamas. only one bad thing happened... i lost the dog. thankfully, a sweet family found her roaming the streets after she ninja-ed out of the high security prison-type fencing in an effort to "get out of the storm". the family kept her over night and i retrieved the little ninja yesterday morning before the Grands came home... that was unnecessary stress on my heart.


officially, today was the first day of training for the marathon. the past two weeks have been a bit of "pre-training," getting used to the hills of Atlanta and finding places i like running best. our program is about 20 weeks, which puts us right and ready for the october marathon. this is a big bite to chew, but i have great accountability and an actual real life running partner. it's nice to have accountability like i did last time with dad. will is faster than me, so i have catching up to do...


this week i had dinner with myra at antico, one of my favorite spots in atlanta. and the following day, steph and i adventured to historic norcross, ga. and we had no idea we were going to fall in love with the little downtown. it reminded us of downtown opelika and made us miss auburn for about 3 seconds. we recovered quickly.


a week from tomorrow i start at NightLight. i got the greatest text from my cousin last night, encouraging me in my mission and calling for this season of my life. most importantly, he stood beside me and challenged me to observe the "great oaks of faith" i will be surrounded by. which only leaves room for growth.

because i forgot....

went to passion city church and jane was being baptized! it was so cool to see and hear her testimony! blessed to know her!

will's clever naming while we were at Chow Baby in atlanta. it was entertaining to watch the waitresses face when she said my name...

lots of laying out and eating raw foods this week...

baby snake, in the back yard... dying so i saved him

also, please pray for my baby sister. she went to the ER this morning because of extreme abdominal pain. we are praying for ultimate healing on her body. they believe it is something like appendicitis, however they are talking about ovarian cysts. i just found out about 2 hours ago... so if you read this soon, please pray.


have a blessed wednesday.


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