Thursday, December 11, 2008

study breaks

i love breaks. thanksgiving break, christmas break, summer break, study breaks... they are amazing times in my life. and the last break on that list is what i am doing right now. so it's awesome.

i love my new friends and the laughter that we share. i have loved that the most about college. there are so many opportunities to meet people and build new relationships. it is just another reminder that God is so much bigger and has so many more things prepared for you in your life, than you could ever ever imagine.

my sweet family came up to eat with me last night. that was one heck of a study break. it was so nice to have them close and to share with them. i know i am coming home soon, but this made me want to be there even more than the past few days. i have two exams tomorrow, so it is important that i study.

the Lord is so good to me. really He is. i went to cornerstone today to turn in the application and deposit for the uganda trip this summer. i got really interested in the location of where i was going to be in uganda, so during a break, i got on my mac and began the search. then i found my little town of Buloba, which is right outside of Kampala. I have never been more excited than on monday night at encounter.
we were singing a song about the heavens and the light. marvelous light i believe was the song. i closed my eyes and pictured night time in buloba; darkness, quiet. it made me think of when God created the world, at first there was nothing but space and darkness. then God spoke out and there was LIGHT. and one day he sent the light in human form to us. then we got to hold the light in us. now, i am that same LIGHT to bulova, that dark little village in the middle of africa.
that picture has been in the forefront of my mind for this week. i can do little if anything to study and not think about africa.

hold on, oh nation, the LIGHT is coming.

oh come all ye faithful
joyful and triumphant
oh come ye oh come ye to Bethlehem
come and behold him, born the king of angles
oh come let us adore him
oh come let us adore him
oh come let us adore him, CHRIST THE LORD

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