Thursday, December 4, 2008

final examination

so it is finals time here in auburn. seasonal affect disorder is setting in to many students on campus. it happens this time of year.

christmas break is closer and closer everyday. thankful am i for that.

seeing that the "giving" season is coming and is here, i was thinking about the many things we want in life. material things seem to be on the minds of most people during this time of year, which saddens my heart. but that is what the culture puts on us. but i remember the really awesome organizations like TOMS who give shoes to barefooted people living in Ethiopia for every pair of shoes you buy from them. how cool? i am thankful for those places, giving back to the world.

well back to studying... Lord willing i will do well.

christmas song for today:

o holy night's direct translation from original french:

midnight, christians, it is the solemn hour
when God as man descended among us
to purge the stain of original sin
and put an end to the wrath of his Father
the entire world thrills with hope
on this night which gives us a savior
people, on your knees, attend your deliverance
christmas, christmas, here is the redeemer!
christmas! christmas! here is the redeemer

this is the most beautiful version ever...

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