Thursday, October 22, 2009


its official. i am terrible at this blogging thing. i forget that i even have it sometimes. my bad to the three people who read this.

a lot of things have fallen on my plate. pretty simple things. however simple they may be, they are still occupying this limited space on my plate. a lot of things are different these days too. i guess that comes with growing and learning.

the main reason i started this blog was to get things out into the open; to more or less remind myself of what is currently happening in my life. my own personal thoughts out for whomever to read. but lately i haven't been so giving with my feelings. many of my fears have come back, whether it is being judged or criticized i am not sure. still the fears do exist. writing is not so easy as it once was.

it's way to late for me to be developing any of this. so maybe next time.

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