Monday, November 16, 2009

a new "leave"

went on a walk yesterday. it was a long one and it was fantastic. it was a great date with my roommate who i have not seen in ages. none the less even talked to.

so several things happened on this walk. i mean i wish i had a video camera with me. but, unfortunately, i did not. so bare with my descriptions of the events that took place. this is epic.

1. as we were walking up a slight hill on donahue, we spotted two little jogger coming toward us. both female, both running pretty briskly. girl one runs by and about three seconds later girl two scampers on by. as girl two runs by, we realize home slice has her hair down. like and this hair is long and curly. i mean i could totally understand if you had like a bob or something, but like she's running and her hair is down. she was running to be pretty we decided. ended up badly for her, she looked weird.

2. we walk about ten yards and we spot another jogger running down the hill. sara and i both realize the hilarity of the next few moments. you ever seen someone run so funny that you burst into laughter? yeah. this was one of those times. i cannot explain in detail, but sara could probably attest to the joy this brought us both.

3. its appropriate that this is number 3. there were three very annoying guys who decided it would be really really cool to make their car make really obnoxious noise as they drove by, therefore driving us crazy. so for all you guys who think it's bad A to do that, it's not. like not at all.

i mean that is all i can really think of that was so funny about our walk.

lessons for yesterday: do not get the americano from starbucks. do not eat your soup without making sure it is cool.

last night however, i got my nature fix. i am a sucker for things like stars and chewacla. tonight i got the opportunity to go to kisel park to watch a meteor shower. it was truly awesome. it puts you in perspective. although the meteors were not like everywhere, i did see like 7. i enjoyed the conversation and the beauty of creation. great memories. even though my toes froze.

i am really feeling the activities of the last couple of days. i think i may have pushed myself a little too hard. my mouth and jaw are still really sore and i am very fatigued. maybe last night was not the best idea, staying out so incredibly late. i will say it was worth it. for sure it was worth it. . .

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