Monday, November 9, 2009

wisdom teeth

i had a long conversation the other day with a dear friend about wisdom. where we gain wisdom, how we display it, and how age correlates with wisdom. it was extremely appropriate seeing as i am having wisdom pain currently. but we were standing in the kitchen, discussing wisdom, and it occurred to me that wisdom becomes a characteristic when you display it. if you have wisdom, use it. wisdom is a gift, only given when asked for. one must work to gain it. and once gained, let it be been and shared with others.

and age does have to do with wisdom. over time your wisdom grows. however, if you never ask for it, you will never receive. and that is how a seventy year old man can have little wisdom.
also, watch out for putting feet in your mouth. it can be embarrassing on many different levels. just a little wisdom i picked up from my dearest friend.

recently i have become obsessed with candy corn and peanuts. eaten together. it is perfection.

and now i go a step deeper into my thoughts about my previous topic. holes. so i feel like i am in a revolving door. i keep spinning around this stuff not really getting anywhere. everything keeps coming back without resolve and without an end. i wish someone would stick their foot in the door and stop this spinning. i'm nauseous. tired. annoyed. and oh yeah a little frustrated. and i always thought the revolving doors were fun as a child, but now the repetitive circular happenings in my life are confusing. often times i find them unbearable.

none the less, they are the happenings of my life. i have learned that keeping busy is the best medicine. and to top it all off i am looking forward to being a chipmunk and high this weekend. i get the teeth of wisdom removed this friday. no, there will be no posted pictures and yes you can come to montgomery and visit me. i will probably express my true and deepest feelings about you. i should sell tickets.

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