Sunday, September 12, 2010


last night, the residents of 6305 got in baking mode. well actually we have been in baking mode for the past two weekends.

last weekend was mary ev's 21st birthday celebration, and i was honored by being asked to bake the cake for her party. it was a funfetti creation, two layered, icing-ed amazing piece of architecture.

the next morning, gameday mind you, i created the yummiest pound cake. and it was from a box. who would have thought a box pound cake would be good? betty are an amazing woman.

back to our latest creation... the greatest chocolate cake EVER. yes. that is it's name.

the roommates and i wanted to make something from scratch, but, seeing that we are mixer-less, i made the executive decision to do a semi-homemade baked good. so of course, i googled how to make a box cake mix better.

i stumbled upon this blog by Kevin and Amanda. it is a precious blog. and an even better cake.

we made it. it was so good.

caroline m. even came over tonight and took some home with her. it is extraordinary. if you would like a cake made especially for you, you know how to get in touch with me.


here i am. apologizing for letting my three followers down again. i have no excuse. i guess lack of whit and cleverness would be my only crutch to cling to currently.

nevertheless, i am back.

i have no real funny story to tell. no grand adventure to entice your hungry souls. my life, always so epic i know, has been very chill. very relaxed.

but, i did register for my half marathon. every time i say i am doing one, i do not. however, this time is different.

uncle wes has already told people we are doing it, and now the family is involved.

meaning-- pressure.

thanksgiving morning, i will be running 13.1 miles around downtown atlanta. how will you be spending your turkey day?


i am beginning to go back through 1 peter. i am so excited to see where the Lord leads me. what He decides to show me this time.

the only way you begin a relationship is by spending time. time daily. speaking and listening. learning about the way He moves, the way He talks, the ways He shows off.

i am beginning this new journey, new school year, with a new perspective.

to honor.
to serve.
to love.

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Anonymous said...

Cake! send me some... just put it in a box and mail it. Now I'm craving chocolate cake like crazy.