Monday, September 13, 2010

the pursuit of education.

i am learning.


some days i learn things from school. for example, how to write as a reporter. how to use the inverted pyramid when writing and to make a "lead." i learned the difference between supply curves and demand curves. i have learned how to write a resume and cover letter. and now i am learning how to persuade people.

sometimes, i learn from my roommates. this does not happen often (joking), but i do learn. they teach me how to dig deeper into my own life and figure out what i truly want, and what God wants for me. i learn how to get someone else's back. i learn when the right and wrong time to say something is.

sometimes, i learn from random strangers. i observe interactions in kroger or in the student center. i learned today that it is definitely NOT okay to kiss goodbye on the concourse (by vicarious experience obviously) and that grey t-shirts in alabama heat is NOT a good idea (by direct experience).

i learn every single day. i learn about myself.


on another note. i have been watching little ella. she has grown so much in the past couple months. i am so blessed to have the opportunity to keep her. it is like practice for when i get older... or when i have kids. i hope i have kids.

i am praying the Lord will bless me with children.

here is precious ella.

i really love keeping ella. the time i spend in her home has been such a new page for me. i spend hours alone with ella. it is a special time for me to be still and silent. and just listen.

of course i spend much of that time playing and entertaining ella, but she cannot speak back to me yet, so it makes for a quite afternoon.

but i love every minute of it.


funny story.

so i thought i was OCD right. well today i found someone who is the most extreme example i have ever seen.

mind you, i am in the old foy dining hall, which i guess isn't really old anymore. it's new. anyways...

it is about 1:15 this afternoon and i am standing in line behind these two girls in the salad line. it is make it yourself. clever and rather brilliant idea. saves time, you know. but i am standing behind this girl and i am not sure if it is because i am very hungry or this girl is crazy.

homegirl starts arranging her pieces of lettuce. i lost it. i mean i looked at sara and lost it. crying practically.

i mean i was hot and hungry, but it seemed like this girl stood here for about an hour arranging her lettuce in the box. not really moving it, put twisting and maneuvering it the way she wanted it in the box.

i thought it was blog worthy.

then i got to the table and realized that my salad was arranged in color order around the box in accordance with the rainbow.

really. that was embarrassing.

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