Wednesday, June 8, 2011


went a whole month without a single post. impressive or embarrassing?

either way i have been out of school and back into school since we last spoke. little em graduated high school and turned 18 in the same weekend.

i am officially a senior in college (yea i am freaked out by this). it is extremely hot outside. for example i went running the other night at 5:30 pm. it was 97 degrees.

when i am in class (8 am to 4:30 pm erryday), i am learning about communication and social media. theories, applications, radio, TV, film... yadda yadda.

when i am NOT in class, my summer has been spent in books and films. i have successfully highjacked my family's Netflix account and watched an obscene amount of movies/films over the past 3 weeks. let's count... [personal favorites have *]

1. The Other Guys
2. Pay it Forward
3. Gangs of New York *
4. Elizabethtown [surprisingly excellent*]
5. An Education
6. Thor
7. The Machinist *
8. One Week
9. 180 Degrees South *
10. Pirates of the Caribbean 4
11. The Human Experience *

all were enjoyable and enlightening in some way. my summer list is still LONG.... and that list doesn't include all the Glee episodes I watched.... guilty pleasure:)

That is two in the theater, two independent films (WHICH I LOVED), and two documentaries (which i HIGHLY i've ever seen).

in addition to my school reading, i am reading 2 others.

1. Jane Eyre: Charlotte Bronte

2. The Grapes of Wrath : John Steinbeck

i have been inspired to continue to educate myself beyond what i am learning in school. sure college will give me a vast amount of information, but there are things they can never teach me while i am sitting in a lecture hall.

i began reading jane eyre and i have enjoyed it. along with steinbeck's Grapes, the novels are full of descriptive narration and conversation. i decided to read the top ten novels of the 20th century and #10 was Grapes of Wrath... it is a long list of novels, but having read one previously, i am looking forward to extending my knowledge and appreciation of literature.

sara has been studying for the GRE... therefore we have ALL been studying for the GRE. i am learning new words everyday. which, for the journalist inside me, excites me beyond repair.

once again. i am a nerd.

words like Jettison and Profligate and Beleaguer make me want to be studious and insightful.

oh and diatribe.

we all know it it not summer without the beach.

and for me; running.

i cannot wait to be in the sand and sun and just run forever up and down the shoreline. it is one of my all time greatest escapes.

and i have been doing a LOT of that here in auburn. it is already time for new shoes...

and i will end with this. i miss being outside in nature. i miss Zion. i miss the canyon and i REALLY miss the Narrows.

my only nature fix is Chewacla. and she is due a visit by yours truly.

i have been thinking about future job opportunities.

PR for patagonia?

why not aim high...

we will see where this senior (ew i said it again) yes, senior year takes me.

hope you are all caught up.

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