Monday, April 25, 2011

baked goods.

when i was home for easter weekend, i decided to take advantage of the four other mouths and try out a new recipe. it was welcomed with excitement from my little brother [being 16 makes him ALWAYS hungry]. i made then friday night for everyone, and then sunday afternoon Stead begged me to make some more...

and i cannot pass the opportunity to bake.

these are chewy double chocolate coconut blondies [wrong name from bad]

and they are amazing. click here for the actual recipe.

then you add the chocolate and coconut (and here i opted for milk and semi sweet becuase emily and i ate the white chocolate... )


23 mins later.....

and after they "semi-cooled" [because, they were made for stead primarily and he cannot wait very long....]

let's just say someone's stomach was not feeling 100%....

they are perfect with vanilla ice cream.
and so easy to make.

hope you enjoy

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