Friday, September 23, 2011


bubba. the name my little brother was given at age... 2 maybe? well it stuck for a while. and it was pretty cute.

stead was a round, blond angel. i always felt a special connection with little stead, because i knew he was a boy all along. literally, before mom and dad went to the ultrasound, i told them it was going to be a boy. low and behold. he was.

i still remind them of this story often. because i was right... which is kinda rare.

but as i have watched my little bubba grow up, i am honestly amazed at the young man he has become. he surprises me every time i come home. whether he has grown a foot, or his biceps have grown larger than my waist, or i am told about him leading a bible study with his peers; i am constantly blown away by him.

last night, after i took some medication for a headache, i was lying in my bed, about to go to sleep. Stead walked in with his guitar and told me he wanted to play me to sleep to help me feel better.

really? what an amazing little brother. i almost cried as he was playing. either it was the meds, or the genuine love he was showing.

i love my bubba. i miss him everyday when i am in auburn. so does little em.

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