Thursday, September 29, 2011

falling: in and out.

i have discovered something ironic about myself. although i was a gymnast from age 2 and have walked on a balance beam long enough to be considered "talented", i am clumsy. 

not necessarily in the traditional sense of the word, someone who falls down a lot, literally, but i've learned through recent events in my life, falling in and out of things is a basic necessity to being called human.

examples: falling in and out of love, in and out of like, in and out of step, swing, place, rhythm.
need i continue this list... 

a couple weeks ago at Cornerstone, Rusty spoke about Peter walking on the water with Jesus. but he started to sink... fall into the water. why?

he took his eyes off the PRIZE. he took his eyes off of Jesus. clumsily, Peter got all nervous, like clumsy people do when they are off balance, and before you could say "go" Peter's tunic hem was all wet. 

sound familiar? sure, because our ADD, clumsy, stupid sheep-like humanity gets in the way. we hear little whispers from the Evil one... you're gonna trip, you're gonna fall, i told you you could not make it....

shhhhhh. focus. on track. like when we're running toward something, you cannot start looking around, you'll fall. [remember the mailbox incident... yeah. don't look around]


i was thinking about falling/ falling in the sense of the word of falling- the act of experiencing the season of fall/ and this came to mind. so i thought i'd share. 


so what does fall look like for me??? oh let's see... october means...

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LSU. geaux-ing [haha] to baton rouge to watch the tigers go head to head. should be a very interesting weekend.                    going to NOLA... eeeee            

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that just makes want to burst. i get to pin her... yayyyyyy

OCTOBER 16th. need i say anything more about this??? i literally cannot wait to see this amazingly talented artist sing at the FOX [better venue...? nope]

mostly i am looking forward to running again. the leg is all healed and i am signing up for the atlanta half marathon again in November. i miss the road. i miss the long afternoon runs. 

fall is my favorite

lattes are now acceptable for everyday consumption. boots and leggings will be my wardrobe wear-out. 

my obscene amount of scarves will come off the hangers. 

thinking about it makes me happy. 

Walk with ME in intimate Love-steps,
but do not loose sight of My Majesty - Jesus

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