Tuesday, November 1, 2011

{staying awake}

i love caribou coffee. it is one of the better things in the library. i think i love caribou because of their cups. the tag line caribou uses is


which, as you know, is something i struggle with. however, with my nap therapy and routine early bed/rising time... i am doing much better. 

"For I will satisfy the weary soul, and every languishing soul I will replenish."

 At this I awoke and looked, and my sleep was pleasant to me.
Jeremiah 31:25 & 26

my ultra-crafty roommate did some fun pre-school sensory learning activities at the apartment yesterday. this included a massive amount of macaroni and food coloring. she is going to be a great teacher! 

this beautiful woman is my Grandmama ( or gran'ma or gram'ma or Mama C...) and yesterday was her birthday. she is positively one of the most poised, beautiful, honored and lovely women i know. she is full of wisdom and knowledge of the word. 

she is a mother, teacher, grandmother, wife, caretaker, great-grandmother, chief extraordinaire, adopted mom, friend and brave as a bear.

her name is Bernadine, papaw calls her "bernie" and we know her to love all things peach and covered in ice cream. 

she is also an author and teacher. her mouth speaks truth and her hands work hard. she can make an 8-egg omelet in no time flat, along with the best coconut cake you have ever tasted. she has raised four children and 22 grands and now 4 great grands {with one on the way}.

her love for others is evident. her love for her husband is of legend. the legacy she has built will be hard to match.

i love my Grandmama. and i am thankful i get to spend some qt with her and Papaw this weekend.

so... HAPPY BIRTHDAY GRANDMAMA! you are a blessing far beyond what we deserve.

for this week, i have a recipe you are going to have to just wait for. i am making these "goodies" for the weekend with the grands, so you'll have to stick around to see what they are. 

i am pretty pumped about them. 

            any ways.... i need to get back to studying. xoxo

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sfain said...

how beautiful your grandmother is!!!