Wednesday, October 26, 2011

getting strength.

i've been trying to gain my strength back as a runner. last week i ran a 5-er and this week will be the big 7. it's always been a rough one for me, but seeing the weather report for the weekend made me excited for  the long haul around auburn.

gaining strength this week has come in other facets of my life this week. strength in school ( this was supposed to be an "easy" week... yeh right), strength for others, strength within my heart.

in third grade i met a girl who changed my life. her silly awkward love for others was captivating and i wanted in. our friendship grew over years of sleepovers, bike rides, prank phone calls, and limited too. we got sun burnt on the beach and pruned in the lake, we grew in our faith together and challenged each other to achieve more. although she moved schools, we stayed close.

now, 13 years later ( holy cow) we are still close. i know, no matter what distance or time has separated us, i can count on her. and she can count on me.

today i made a trip to montgomery to be with her. her mother is dying and i needed to be there. yet i had to gain new strength; strength i had never needed before. and i had to do it fast. yet i learned today, that if you have love, you have strength. and Jesus gave me strength today. strength i didn't know i had...

this past weekend we spent some time in new orleans. it was a nice time to spend with the girls and we enjoyed taking advantage of everything the city had to offer. this was the first thing we did when we arrived... walk to cafe du monde and eat. i could only eat one... they are SO SWEET. but unreal. there as only a little day light to work with, but i did get some good photos of new orleans before the craziness came out. either way... it was a trip full of memories. and h i l a r i o u s stories ( tiger bait).

i obviously enjoyed the architecture in new orleans. i could have stayed all day just taking pictures... but i didn't want to get lost/stolen/mugged on bourbon street. so i stayed with the others and got what i could...

and the lsu fans the next day weren't too bad... but i prefer auburn any day.

soo for WONDERFUL WEDNESDAY i actually did a tasty tuesday!! i think i outdid myself personally... now it may not be the most beautiful thing ((i gave the pretty ones away))... but believe me it wouldn't matter...

this is a Peanut Butter Cup Brownie. i found them on pinterest (shocking i know) and made them for someone (mallard ball date YAY) and i had to try one. they are to die for and actually taste like a peanut butter cup. i mean they are not that hard to make (but let's pretend they are).

1. just make your favorite brownies in muffin tins (i used some with paper and some without) and let them cook almost all the way... until the tops are firm but not cooked all the way through. take them out and set them somewhere to cool. the tops should fall in while they cool... however, if they don't, take the back of a spoon and create a little indention.

2. take the pb of your choice (i used kroger creamy... 1/3 of a regular sized jar) and microwave for 40 seconds. 

3. spoon pb into the indention in the brownies just to the top. 

4. while the brownies are still warm, garnish with milk chocolate and semi sweet chocolate chips.

5. let them cool completely before removing them! store in a cool place:)

these little guys will rock your world. its a perfect combo of what you need. try 'em and let me know.

today i was informed that i looked like a "fashionista". never in my life have i been called such. i would like to think i can occasionally style myself and look trendy. mostly, however, i go with what i like. i just thought it was funny. 

and so i am off to sleep. i have had an emotional day, and blog world gives me a creative outlet to invest in. 

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