Monday, March 25, 2013

we are engaged.

well guys, it happened.

i am engaged. to be MARRIED.

i was weary of social media posting because i didn't want to skip on telling anyone. but, this is the world we live in.

eight days ago, my mister wonderful proposed to me where we met. it was natural and supernatural all in one second. my heart and mind could not comprehend everything happening and proceeded to almost combust with the purest joy ever experienced.

i pray, that if you have not experienced a love like this, that you do.

sometimes i see couples and they say "i am engaged to my best friend" and feel it cliche. but in reality, my mister wonderful is my best friend. through and through. i pray also, that you find your best friend.

i pray these things for you, because the last 18 months of my life have painted an earthly picture of how Christ loves us. God's love for me has become visible through my almost husband. His faithfulness to His promises is evident through my almost husband. these signs and wonders, things i prayed for as a little girl, things i never knew i needed.

this journey is beyond special. we are beyond blessed. and i guess i am going to have to change my blog name etc. pretty soon...

i just can't stop praising the Lord. his goodness overflows!

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Julie Blake said...

Aaahh, congratulations Morgan! You are going to make one beautiful bride!