Tuesday, December 8, 2009

better love i see

i don't want to face this valley
i don't want to walk alone
you say that you'll leave to find me
well i am begging you now to come

don't think i could face the morning
my heaviness is on my chest
you say that you'll lift this burden
well i am begging you to bring me rest

so come and find me
in the darkest night of my soul
in the shadow of the valley
i am dying
for you to make me whole
for you to make me whole

i can't keep myself from sinking
from drowning down in all this shame
my throat is worn out from calling for help
and im praying you'll remember my name

i know i can't fight this battle
been surrounded on every side
you say that you will deliver me
well i am praying that you'll restore my life
so come and find me
in the darkest night of my soul
in the shadow of the valley
i am dying
for you to make me whole
for you to make me whole

answer me out of the goodness of love
and your mercy turned to me
i know its you that i've been running from
but i'm seeing that it's you i need
you're all i need

today i was able to look back to my first few blogs and reminisce about the past year. all the things i've seen, all the things i've done, all my new friends, all my old ones. all the things that have changed. it was a meaningful little experience. i began reading about finals last year. my first finals as an eager little freshman. i read about my lack of focus during finals, and that is one thing that has not changed with time.

this time of the school year draws you to your friends, for fear that by some unfortunate circumstance you wont see them until after the break. which, bitter sweet as it may seem, is a whole month long. you also are drawn to those you love because of the season. no, i am not referring to the cold, but to the season of celebration that is approaching. what a fantastic feeling rises in us during the christmas season. gosh i love it.

this week i am singing the first solo of my cornerstone career. we practiced tonight in brians little office which was cool. josh and jon and brian all played acoustic with bj on the djembe. it was close and warm. not only the atmosphere in the room, but the sound was. i love intimate settings as those. you are exposed. you are probably going to make a mistake that they are going to hear. but, that is reality. beautiful, imperfect reality.

in spite of the fact that i have finals breathing down my neck, i am sitting here writing for three people to read. total lack of motivation obviously.
i believe i should return to the world of books and re-memorizing everything i have learned this semester. oh the joy. it is no fun, but it has to be done nonetheless.

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Melanie said...

Hey! I just wanted to ask you who sings the song of the lyrics you posted. I received this song on a mix cd from a friend and she didn't know who the artist was either and when I typed the lyrics into google the only place the lyrics matched the song was your blog. My friend wanted to sing this song in church so I was hoping that you might know so that she could find a way to get guitar/piano music. Thanks!