Saturday, December 19, 2009

bustin the block

blockbuster hates me. this fact has been brought to my attention in the past, however tonight it became reality. my brother and i were enjoying a little quality time together and after a fun-filled evening of christmas shopping and filling our bellies with a little mama g's, we headed to our local movie store to rent a movie. after searching for the movie which best fit our mood, little bro decided on little miss sunshine. which, i must add, is one of my all time favorites. i was thoroughly pleased with my brother's decision and we proceeded to check out.

our dear friend tommy behind the counter asked us to grab a different dvd because the one we picked was looking a little "messed up". gladly exchanging the dvd's, paid, and walked out to the car.

arriving home, we began settling into begin this marvelous movie. i was very happy to share such greatness with my little brother. he was also eager to watch. but no. five short minutes into the movie the dvd starts skipping. as with every other time we rent a movie, we opened the player and cleaned the movie off. then did it about four more times. fifth time: we took the movie back. after a process with our friend tommy, we were suggested to change movies. stead and i were both very upset and settled for the breakup. not as good. in the least. oh blockbuster. messing up our evening.

however, when emily came home we watched the entire snl christmas episode on my computer. she did not realize all she was missing in her life until after the show was over. we then proceeded to watch a handful of wonderful other snl skits. fantastic. thank you snl, you made my night one million times better.

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