Tuesday, January 12, 2010

finish line

i am running in a half marathon with my uncle. over christmas eve dinner, we decided that we would do it. i went online and found one in the greater atlanta area in march that looked pleasing.

my uncle and i have been training since christmas and let me tell you it has been a joy. mk decided to run it as well and we have both been working hard on getting in shape and everything for it. it has been a long road, but we are half way there!

the half marathon is called the snickers energy bar half marathon in rome, ga. i find it slightly ironic that we are running in a candy bar [although it is an energy bar] half marathon. kinda made me laugh inside.

classes have been going well and i enjoy the teachers i have. although it has only been two days worth of class, i think the semester is going to be a good one. i am looking forward to the wonderful experiences coming my way.

i am looking forward to crossing that finish line on the day of my half marathon. it will feel fantastic knowing that i have worked hard to reach a goal, and then achieving that goal. there is something to invigorating about that. only six more weeks.

pressing onward, towards the goal

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