Sunday, January 17, 2010


interesting how thing happen again. fascinating how things begin again. i'm doing it again. i said it was the end, but here it goes again. i find there is a pattern to my life. i seem to try to suppress things, try to ignore things, and yet, they creep on me and grow inside into something massive. something hiding inside that at any given moment in time, can explode. causing immense amounts of shock.

however, i am learning that this is not always a bad thing. maybe i should pay attention to this. maybe it should consider that it is coming for a reason. i love learning new things.

i listen to pandora while i write. it's this amazing little website where you listen to music you want to. and it's free. one of the greatest things i use. currently on pandora, empire state of mind. greatest song eva.

tonight, i spent some time in montgomery at cafe louisa with two of my absolute best friends. honestly, the Lord made these two precious creatures just for me to be friends with. they are the people that i can cry to, run to, hide with, and share my heart. there are so many instances when i think back on the kind of friends i would pray to God for. i remember crying in junior high school, asking my mother why i didn't have a best friend. now, i have many, but two in particular that have challenged and helped me find my way along my walk with the Lord. cannot explain my thankfulness. my heart if full, and my joy overflows.

john legend just came on my pandora. just melt my heart.

but i have great expectations for this semester. i am working hard and trying my best to glorify my God in everything i do. i am praying that i will not act weird around the people i care about most and show them how much i really care. affection. words. whatever it takes. show who you love that you do. and show them today. you may not have tomorrow.

that got morbid really fast. but needless to say it is necessary. so get out there and tell people. spread the love

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