Wednesday, January 20, 2010


although i do not own the newest version of the patagonia fleece pull over, i do like it. i see one every single day as i walk down the concourse to class. there is a wide variety of colors ranging from Texas burnt orange to a vintage light blue. my personal favorite is the burnt orange. frances owns one and i wear it often and with that comes the joy and excitement of feeling part of the crowd. apparently patagonia is fratty. and as i was walking down the street in front of magnolia hall i was told that the warm fleece pull over i was currently clothing myself was indeed called a fratagonia. i laughed.

it is so true.

it has been a little hard for me to blog this past week. there have been some little things going on here and there, and some interesting things have occurred in my life. yet, i have not found something that truly made me want to blog. eh. in a rut i guess. so i am resorting to a story. you can judge the amount of humor you will. i think it is quite silly.

so i am running in a half marathon right? and so i do alot of running in order to train myself to be ready. i like the collisium. i know how far a mile is, the forces of nature cannot exactly reckon with me, and i can think as i run in circles. a majority of the time i am relatively alone. there may be a few older people walking around or some other joggers, but normally i get to run alone.

however, today was a slightly different story. it was tornado worthy weather when i chose to go out to run. consequently there were going to be more people in the collisium. but when i opened the door and heard a cadence being shouted and then about twenty some odd people sprint by me, i did not feel motivated to continue forward. it was awkward. so i managed to walk into the inner track to run. where, thank you army, marine, whatevers, there were many other people feeling the same frustration as i. not to mention the fact that at that moment, my right leg felt as though you had borrowed a major piece of my quad and decided not to return it.

needless to say the run was not enjoyed by any. frustration only motivated me to run about 2 miles and then do the stairs. leg throbbing i might add. and because of this, my run for tomorrow is now going to be a lovely 8 m i l e run. yes. terrific.

but oh well. i am going to finish something i started. i am running towards the finish line. getting closer with each step. [metaphorically and literally speaking]

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