Tuesday, June 8, 2010


i sit here at my desk in 36 and am trying in every way possible to distract myself from studying for spelling.

i am also preparing for my world lit paper that is due at the end of next week. i want to have a draft by the weekend and i just do not know if it is going to happen. i am ahead and working hard to keep on top of my game with school, but today my brain is all over the place.

i even tried to watch my normal law and order today and could not focus on it thanks to the distraction of school work. seriously? when have i NOT been able to watch law and order? something is going on.

i have absolutely loved having a routine and a schedule everyday. every morning it is like a ritual in the house and i have never been more glad. summer always leads to laziness. you don't have school, no time to really wake up by, no pressing events except vacations [and let's be honest... what is pressing about that?].

this summer is different. i have deadlines. i have due dates. i even have examinations. and guess what... i love it. i am thankful for this structure and real independence i have has to adopt this summer.

but time for a good story.

as i wrote about last week, i got rained on at chewacla state park. not a big deal seeing that we were already in the water and had on bathing suits. however, the other two times i was rained on last week were a big deal. real big.

last week i think it rained almost every day. it was not fun being stuck inside in the rain or outside in the rain. but especially in the rain. yep, you guessed it. i got rained on. as in drenched. as in soaked... need i go further.

first was riding the bike [thank you kimmy!!] back to the house after class. it was lightly sprinkling and so i figured, hey no big deal i wont die. yet about two minutes into the trek home, the bottom fell from the sky and i was riding through a waterfall. my eyes were awkwardly weeping as rain splashed into them, causing my contacts to react then causing more tears and mascara running down the face. beautiful.

finally made it to the house looking like i had decided to take a dip in the pool with shoes and backpack on. awesome.

round two. running. i was about .75 miles from the house and had just turned on gay street. the thunder rolled. and i began to run a little faster. then it began. not to mention the fact that i was wearing my awesome white under-armor running top. yea. it happened. and there was no avoiding it. if i walked... wet. if i stopped... i was so darn close!

no matter what i did i was gonna be wet. and i was. and every car that passed me got a lovely wet tshirt contest entry right on the side of the road. precious i know.

so feel bad for me. i got rained on 3 times in 4 days. impressive? or just unlucky? oh well...


cornerstone's uganda team left yesterday and i just got a tweet from brian saying they made it to kampala. i am so excited for everything that team is going to encounter and do over there. i just wish i was with them...

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