Monday, June 28, 2010

word usage.

today i was reminded of my lack of blogging. once again i find myself apologizing for my slacker attitude.

in my defense, my past two weeks have been pretty packed with studying and writing for school. as i have said before, i enjoy being busy, but last week was a little insane. oh well. pressing on!

i am taking a break from my fundamentals of news writing studies to bring you this blog post. feel the love. we are learning about word usage. as in when you should use reluctant not reticent, and effect instead of affect, and that you should never say "disability" or "handicap" unless it is necessary. nonetheless, i am learning new things. which, in case you did not know, is the reason we are in school.

to get you caught up on my ultra-interesting life...

the annual bethea family beach trip was a success. emily and i could only stay until tuesday afternoon, but it was still a great trip as always. and i got some sun. and eloise was there. that alone was grand.

eloise is growing so fast! she looks just like chris (sorry laura) and is extremely alert. she attempts to hold her head up and she squirms all over the place. she is an angel and i cannot wait to watch her continue to grow.

brittany's bachelorette weekend was so great. i cannot believe that in less than three weeks she and mark will be married! we had a fantastic time at her breach house and i got a lot of sun. lanier and i bunked together like old times and it was fantastic to talk with her and catch up.

but here is my absolute favorite picture of eloise.

it's either a touch down... or she is praising Jesus...

either works.

but i need to return to my studying... yay...

until tomorrow

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