Thursday, June 3, 2010

fighting rapids.

yesterday, sweeney (patrick that is), travis and i went to chewacla state park for the afternoon. chewacla is always fun and beautiful. it was extremely humid and the clouds were billowing as we arrived. however, the weather played primarily in our favor and we managed to get a good two and a half hours of good fun and adventure into our day.

the boys had an extra good time attempting (notice i said attempting) to climb the rapids up and down the creek/stream. it was quite fun to watch. i did not participate in ever aspect of the climbing, seeing that most of the adventures included submerging yourself in the nasty smelling water.

but the trip was well worth it. we enjoyed ourselves and today, because of the amount of climbing and maneuvering done, my calf muscles are sore. they are tight like they used to be in high school after a long basketball practice.


this week has been busy. practice, school, friends, pranks (haha MK), and running. i have enjoyed the summer so far and it is only the beginning of june! living in 36 has been really fun. and i have enjoyed the alone time i have had everyday. i started waking up early and starting my day. it has given me so much more time to do things throughout the day.

i have also loved getting to spend so much time with the Lord. constantly and faithfully, every morning He is showing me something different. He is teaching me to be content in my current situations. teaching me to be a prayer warrior. teaching me to reach out and love those i thought unlovable.

today i read 2 thessalonians. in the 3rd chapter there was a verse that i love. it is in the benediction and it says,

"now may the Lord of peace himself give you peace at ALL times in EVERY way."

truth. this is something that i am beginning to pray for my friends. there are so many circumstances in our lives that cause unrest in our souls. there are many things that make our hearts troubled and stressed. but the Lord is a God of peace, and will grant peace to those who love Him, and seek after His face.

something else i learned today while studying the word [this is kinda long... sorry] -

in my journalism class this week we talked about the difference between eagerness and anxiousness. a lot of people use the word anxious for the word eager. but they mean totally different things.
eagerness means an impatient expectancy, or an intense desire. INTENSE.
anxiousness mean an uneasy or worried feeling.

so many people exchange these two words on accident. so today i was reading in ephesians 4 and the word says "...bearing with one another in love, EAGER to maintain the unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace."

so we are supposed to have an INTENSE DESIRE to maintain the unity of the Spirit. that means, no matter what happens, what is said, who is involved... you maintain the unity of the Spirit. and you WANT to. peace should cover everything. and we should be eager to maintain it. eager. thirsty. we should desire it above all things.

i do not know why this is so awesome to me. i love the way the Lord reveals simple absolute truths to me. He is such a GREAT God.

well here is my picture for the day. enjoy...

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