Thursday, November 4, 2010


it's been a while.

glad to be back here.

i am watching hitch as i am writing this tonight. it is such a great night. i am all curled up in my trinity sweats (thank you jackson) and blanket. i ate oats and milk for dinner and a couple spoons full of peanut butter. crunchy tonight.

i like movie a whole lot. i've seen it many times, and i love it more and more every time.

i am so thankful for this cold weather. i thought it was never going to come!

jordan lee is in the top five for miss homecoming this week and she is doing such a great job. she is my big sister in adpi and i could not have chosen a better person to represent adpi and auburn.

she is a light. truly. i have learned so much from her. seen her grow in so many ways. i am truly thankful for her and she is one of the reasons i am even an adpi.

well i hope to be more involved with my blog these next few weeks.

OH i am officially running a half marathon. on thanksgiving morning my uncle and i am running the atlanta half marathon. i already registered and everything. i am really excited.

i ran 10 miles sunday afternoon. it wasn't as bad as i expected it would be. i am really excited about it all.

well until next time

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