Tuesday, April 19, 2011

i am a nerd.

i am wide awake right now at 12:08 am and this never occurs in my regular schedule. i actually have no idea why i am so awake.

but i have not blogged in quiet a while so i am sure you have been concerned about my life and what i am doing everyday. because we all know morgan's life is so interesting...


two weeks. that is all i am saying about school.

well folks. i had my very first baking F A I L two mondays ago. i went home for a doctor's appointment and so i found this amazing looking recipe for Homemade Samoa cookies [like the girl scout ones]. of course, being a eager beaver, i decided these must be conquered and eaten by me.

mom and i went to the store, and i began making these amazing looking cookies. on the blog i found then they looked super easy. the method wasn't too long or difficult... so i thought.

lets just say they were a bust. i was about the saddest i have been in a long time. i don't like failing. ESPECIALLY when it comes to my baking.

this is what the looked like... the coconut would not stick, we couldn't get the caramel to melt properly... it was terrible and quite frankly, embarrassing...

and this is what happened on the attempt to consume one of these...

so we opted for these guys.

they actually tasted good. just shortbread dipped in milk chocolate. they were the only successful part of the night... i was sad.


of course, now as i write this blog i begin getting sleepy.

look forward to a running/ fiji island post...

until then

ooo ps... i made the coo[cookie]kies (cookie inside a cookie cookies) this week for my fiji date. they were obsessed. it made me so proud.