Sunday, April 24, 2011

otter box.

i went to amazon and saved my phone.

i have a tendency to drop things that are precious to me... rings that go down drains, earrings out of roller coasters, children (kidding), and my phone.

so kimmy and i went to amazon and she found me an otter box for my blackberry! it looks pretty good i might add. and it will save my phone from the future falls in store...


i have a lot to tell about since i have been SLACKING in blog world. first.
i went home this weekend.
i love going home.
but i also love coming back.

friday night we ate easter dinner with the "other" betheas because ji-ji had to work today. we had bbq and coleslaw (made by yours truly) and twice baked potatoes... yummmmm

my family likes twinkle lights and being outside. friday night was perfect.


other than how flat montgomery is
and how my house always smells the same

one thing i LOVE about going home

is FINDING things!

this is a note from daniel. in the 7th grade. it was a piece of paper that stretched about 7 ft long. front and back. about him and his "newly broken up with gf" hay (names protected * hehe)

em and i laughed and laughed about finding this in my room. it was GREAT entertainment.

bringing me to another AMAZING thing.


emily and i went with two high school friends to this movie saturday night. seriously, drop everything you are doing and see this movie. i spent $9.50... NINE FIFTY (sorry for yelling) on that movie, but dadgum is was worth every penny.

robert pattenson was incredible in his role as jacob. little reese witherspoon was perfectly fit for this character. it was beautifully shot and directed.

greatest movie i have seen in a long time.


easter calls for...

new dresses.

i got food for sure. and pictures.

my parents. they are two beautiful people. they love each other. they love jesus. and they love us more than we deserve. they are best friends with each other and me. i love them.

my family. cra cra. loud. silly. whatever.
they are
and hilarious nonetheless.

and beautiful.


i forgot to mention on friday, before world lit [which i enjoy btw], i met with this absolutely precious girl named emily. she is the panhellenic chaplain and we just wanted to meet up and chat about everything that has been going on in our lives. and our sororities and such.

it was such a refreshing time. she is SO encouraging and sweet. she [emily] rocks. and i cannot wait to see where the Lord takes this girl.


i made a new recipe on friday night.

double chocolate chunky chewy blondie bars.



both figuratively and literally.

they are so good.

i will post about them this week bc they are SO easy and SO good to make and enjoy.


i believe this will end my obnoxiously long post.

it was a fun weekend.
much needed break be
fore finals kick in.........
but i will be back soon.
blogs are amazing study breaks...

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