Wednesday, October 12, 2011


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for the first time in my life, i actually have a glimpse into what it means to be blind; to actually live in darkness.

sunday morning i woke up with red, bloodshot, weeping eyes. i thought i was having a reaction to my contacts. but they weren't getting better, unlike the times in the past. sunday, i was so sensitive to light, i went to bed at 7:45. no joke. i haven't been to bed that early since i was 7.

monday, after a day of nannying, kimmy called the med clinic, took me, and we discovered i had 3 abrasions on the upper third of my left eye.

eww. it hurt as much as you can imagine. they gave me drops, but i went to bed by 8 monday night. i felt like an old woman.

but monday and tuesday, i really couldn't stand to me in any light all day. thankfully, it was raining and cloudy all day, allowing me to stay cooped up in my bedroom like a recluse.

i experienced real darkness. 
and of course, the Lord showed me something through it...

there are so many times i grow comfortable in my life here at Auburn. we live here in a little bubble, and forget that there are people who daily struggle and are persecuted for their beliefs in Christ. however, living in the "Bible belt", we don't experience this as much.

i don't know what it's like to live in darkness without the Lord. everyday, i encounter Him. i recognize Him. i spend time with Him. 
i know Him.

but there are so many who don't. and that's what Jesus was reminding me the past two days... don't forget those who live in constant darkness. i need to remember those who suffer to live their lives for the Lord... not grow so comfortable.

it reminds me of africa. of my little ugandan children. i am praying the Lord will give me a heart for where He wants me to go. back to africa... or somewhere else.

i just wanna share the light. 

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