Saturday, October 8, 2011


this year, my dgroup and i are reading Lady in Waiting. it is exceptional. i would recommend it to any woman. really any demographic applies... younger, older, married, single, divorced. whichever.

i especially love reading it during the time of my life i am in right now.

this past week we read about diligence. about becoming a woman who is diligently pursuing what the Lord has for her in her life. not fantasising about some knight in shining armor who probably is never going to make it to the front door. instead, we must strive for a relationship with the Lord. just as Ephesians 5:16 says, we must make the most of EVERY opportunity the Lord gives us. that includes an opportunity to be single.


i started back the running. went for 2.3 miles thursday morning and it felt really great. today, i plan on running as far as i can. we'll see how that goes...

dad and i are doing the half marathon on Thanksgiving and i HAVE to get back into the swing of things.


in other news.....

i am  upset ....mad...angry... devastated. Adele cancelled her north american tour. i honestly almost cried. she has a hemorrhage in her vocal chord, which i guess is a big deal. she cancelled them all... atlanta, nashville, austin, orlando, miami... all. of. them.

i am sad. but em and i decided to travel to atlanta anyways and enjoy a day with the grandparents and just exploring some atlanta stuff. 

dad is trying to get a refund. but still... every time i hear an adele song, i get sad...


this week has been full of faithfulness; the kind of faithfulness i need to share. this week has been packed with hard stuff. emotional conversations, a nerve wracking interview, cancelled plans, rude behavior, disappointing news... fill in the blank. however, the Lord has filled me with JOY every single morning. joy that i know only comes from him. not happiness, we know that is conditional. this is something i have not experienced. super natural. joy that only comes from God, my Lord and Savior. 

His faithfulness to remind me he is ever present has been beautiful this week. yesterday, i sat with two of my best friends and cried over the LOVE and FAITHFULNESS of the Lord. the way his promises are reviled in His time. a magnificent display of his power, and awesomeness. 

i am constantly blown away by this love. today, i look outside, and all i see is his love. i got coffee with em this morning. and in her eyes, i see his love for me, by giving me a sister like that. 

just needed to share... joy does come in the morning. never forget that. 


i am SUPER excited about tonight. kimmy and i are having a wonderful, fantastic, relaxing saturday at home. we went shopping after my coffee date with em, and i actually bought clothes. i am so cheap. and i actually spent money on two dresses and shoes. 

mom would be so proud of me...

but i am making roasted brussel sprouts tonight and baked balsamic vinegrette chicken. kimmy is making dinner too and we are going to sit around and watch the auburn game and enjoy some qt time together. 

thank you pinterest for inspiring me...

oh and WAR EAGLE. beat ark pleaseeeee

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