Tuesday, January 10, 2012

taste and see.

psalm 34:8
Oh, taste and see that the LORD IS GOOD. Blessed is the man who takes refuge in Him!

this past month has been quite the roller coaster of emotion. days of sky high climbs of excitement and sudden cork-screws of fear and doubt. occasionally, i would throw out a nervous scream as i dropped to what seemed the end, only to be bounded back up for a loop-the-loop. although my harness was tight, i was afraid to let go of the handle bar. yet, the Lord reminded me to take refuge in Him...

this month, i traveled a lot. from austin to birmingham to atlanta to montgomery to atlanta again. austin was incredible...

the capital at night in downtown austin.
staying with myra was so fun. her little town of bastrop was mayberry and their gorgeous Victorian (historical monument) mansion was intriguing. i loved every second of being there, and myra made that possible. 
myra and me at the Driskill dowtown austin.
paigey got all married. it was weird watching one of my best friends get married. but now we're old enough... 

anyways... the ceremony was spectacular, the reception perfect, and she was STUNNING. one of the most fantastic looking brides of all time. glowing in anticipation for her husband. it was sweet to watch matt's face as she walked down the aisle. so sweet in fact, it brought tears to my eyes. 

it was very christmas-y (which is totally paige) and completely Christ centered. making it all the more wonderful... 

but austin was amazing. SoCo, was my favorite part (besides the Whole Foods downtown which was probably the coolest thing i've ever seen). i got to spend some time alone, and went exploring. of course i got Jo's coffee and then went to this awesome little bookstore and purchased this cool little memoir from this British chef....

just a cool little trip. short, but suuuper sweet. cannot wait to go back. texas IS all it's cracked up to be. and now i know why all the Texans have this "pride". i would.

birmingham was good family time as always. LOTS of food, basketball and load rap music, puzzles and card games, and cookie decorating. 

we also had an awesome little visitor from ATL while in b'ham. W, for his sake, was a welcome guest and we hope to see him around more...

Atlanta for Christmas... always a pleasure. we had 36 this year and we managed to have leftovers... Grandmama is one talented chef extrodinare. i don't know how we do it, but we do. i let Em use her NEW camera to take pictures, so I don't have any favorites from ATL. but it was good cousin bonding time. i feel like my cousins teach me more in two hours then i learn on my own.

i think that was when i hit the drop on the roller coaster.
mom and i had a nice long conversation about the pressure i was putting on myself. but after the weekend, the Lord reminded me that i need to just seek His will, not what "every one thinks i should be or ought to be doing."

then i came home. NYE with friends and W. and i let go of the pressure. and slowly i came to this place of excitement about what this LAST SEMESTER OF SCHOOL (yay) is going to be.

then comes the big climb to the top. Passion.

meet my family.

jenna, josh, andrew, spencer, casey, me, and stephen

greatest family. period. i learned SO much from this diverse little group. strong men and women of faith who were open and vulnerable with people they knew for 30 minutes; who met only because the Lord orchestrated it perfectly. we laughed together and prayed over each other. i already miss my fam.

Passion was 4 days of intense teaching and walking with 45,000 other 18-25 year old who came to worship the one true God. there were several point during the week where i saw a glimpse into what heaven will look like.

people. in the GA dome. 
the Lord taught me more than i can even begin to explain over this little white space. it is so much bigger than that. i am eager to put it into practice and to "DO SOMETHING NOW." the Lord is so faithful...

which brings me here; back in auburn, starting back classes.  my last semester at auburn. what a blessing it is to be in this place. i believe the Lord is planting revival in the hearts of those here in auburn. i have been praying the Lord would give me fearless proclamation to SHINE brightly.

not ashamed. for the Lord has revived me.

needless to say... i am pumped about what the Lord is doing in the hearts of those 45,000 people at Passion. i am expectant that my generation isn't going to sit by the way-side to watch others being exploited. i am eager to be the hands and feet of the Lord through whatever means... in Auburn, Atlanta, Uganda, Greece... where ever he leads...

       i rambled. 

i will be back on here more that i am at school... i promise (my little one reader who keeps me accountable). 

well... happy new year

oh and i am reading through the Bible in one year. keep me accountable to that too frands... 


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What a fab and glorious days that was. And a lovely verse to start with, noted this one.
P.S. Your banner is awesome.

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