Friday, January 20, 2012


i have a green car. a green back back. a green Patagonia "better-sweater."
i have a green messager-bag. 2 green watches.
the coffee mug i am drinking out of is green.

yesterday, i was wearing most of the above, and a girl in my class asked me if i "liked" green. honestly, i had never realized the high tendency for me to pick out green. not a bad thing, just a little embarrassing...

happy birthday is a weird song. even in a room full of musical people, it still turns out bad. our family decided the fast you sing it, the faster the painful sound leaves. we try though... different pitches, harmony, volume... but they all turn out the same. once again i was reminded of this while at the staff meeting (weird for me to be saying that) we had at Cornerstone this week.

maybe we should adopt the "this is your birthday song, it isn't very long" song they do in restaurants. it's far less embarrassing.

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it's safe to say, i am completely in love with coffee. the roommates and i drink a significant amount of coffee. for christmas, one got a Keurig, one got a french press and i got a grinder.

i wake double-S up every morning with coffee and a Bible. it's a sweet morning time, even at 5:45am. we read scripture together and talk about what we are reading. God is doing some beautiful things in double-S's life, and i am blessed to be able to listen to her heart.

oh, and i got this double-walled starbucks (which i only bought from starbucks because i have $$$ on the tigerCard) tumbler. it keeps my coffee hot for about an hour and a half... new love.

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this weekend, i think will be baking weekend. we have some bananas and i have been requested to bake some bread. since sister and i FAILED last time to make above par bread last time, this weekend will be much better. 

and because i have an amazing new cupcake cookbook, i think cupcakes for the dgroup may be in order. 

or at least a bowl of butter cream icing for a few of them...

i have been reading in hosea where the lord places him in his wilderness and shows him where is true satisfaction comes from. this picture reminds me of hosea and his wilderness. if you haven't read hosea, i suggest it. 

more on that later. . . 

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in other news... i have some musical excitement coming soon for you guys... but it'll have to wait until closer to time. let's just say, i wish could have a small portion of the talent i have encountered this week. 

until later... 


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