Monday, January 23, 2012


ever since passion, i have had this desire to go to portland. our community group pastor was from portland and he sparked my interest. i like the cold, i like green, i like big cities.... sounds good to me

days like today in auburn make me want to more somewhere up on the west coast. the rain, the coffee (so i've heard), the coast in general, it would be an interesting place to go visit.

i always want to travel; to step out of my seemingly small comfort zone into something new and different. but, seeing that i am still in school, i don't have the means or the funds to.

portland is now on the list of places to go. along with vancouver. which i have been wearing on my wrist now for almost a month...

passion is doing a world tour... their next stop is vancouver. so on the back of all the wrist bands for passion, it says {passion vancouver} as a reminder to pray for them.
so vancouver has been on my mind too.

i made this here bread saturday. i got the recipe from simply scratch and it could be the best banana bread i've had (sorry aunt pam and aunt jenny and mom and grandmama) you can ask my roomies and sis. it was pretty darn good. not to toot my own horn or anything... but there is only one piece left, and i've only had 1 and 1/2...


this past week was my first week at cornerstone as an intern. i've enjoyed working around people with an eternal perspective and have a desire to serve and teach our community. the Lord is raining blessings on the people of Cornerstone... it's obvious even today in the attendance we had. the leadership at cornerstone has already been a tremendous blessing in my life. i am confident the Lord is going to continue to teach me through this added time there.

anddddd the multi site is beginning next month which is exciting.


oh and i found this with the help of my dear friend Kelly and i am kinda obsessed with it... you will be too

and speaking of music......

 my {"musical excitement"} 

i am now a part of this little group called tea cup and the monster.
now, i didn't come up with the name, but it's cute...
the twins and tommy started  writing and playing together and graciously invited me along.

they are truly inspiring and i have loved spending my evenings listening and writing new music with them. they're love for the Lord is displayed ever so delightfully in their lyrics and i am astonished by their talent every time we play [they play, i just sing].

but we are playing [as you can see below on the AMAZING poster josh created] on thursday night at Gnu's Room. if you are free, or not free, and just want to come listen to some fantastic music for a spell, you should join us.

i feel honored to be a part of this group. they get mad when i say "their" songs, so i've started saying "ours" but it didn't feel right until last night when we wrote another song called "finished." but there is your musical snack and excitement for now. hope it met expectations. {smile}

any who... enjoy your rainy monday afternoon.

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